It’s Raining and our lake is on the Rise!!

The recent rains have finally saturated the ground and is bringing us some runoff, today we are 52′ from spill and the main boat launch is back in operation.   Last winter we didn’t have any rain to speak of until Feb. and started our season 15′ from spill.  We are hopeful that this year will show much improvement since the rains started in Nov.  

Last week produced some awesome trout thanks to our Fall Trophy Planting Program.  Joe Visalli from Dobbins trolled with Rapalas and hooked a 5-1/2lb. trout and a 2-1/2lb. as well.  Luna & Jessica Southwick caught the biggest trout of the week, their’s weighed 5lb. 10 oz. and they too were trolling but with a dodger and a worm.   Hal Smith caught four Rainbows from the shoreline near the beach on PowerBait, a 4 lb. topped his stringer as the biggest!!

 Young Noah Reid fished with worms from the bank down by the dam with his Daddy Brandon Reid from Greenhaven and it had to be the best fishing trip of Noah’s young life!! Noah landed three trout that were massive to a 5 yr. old, a 4 lb. a 4-1/2lb. and a 5lb. Rainbow graced his stringer and his Daddy sent me the awesome photos!  Jeff & Owen from Carmichael caught two trout limits trolling with worms and their biggest weighed 4-1/2lbs.

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Another 5-1/2lb. trout was caught by Pat Divers from Grass Valley on a pumpkinseed grub, while trolling.  Billy & Joseph trolled with worms and caught two trout over 3 lbs. plus three more.   Ben & Matt fished from shore with PowerBait closer to the dam and together they caught five Rainbows, their biggest trout was  4lb. 4 oz..  Mike Bone emailed me a great picture of the fish he caught while camping here last week.  He didn’t say what he used or who is in the picture with him but it’s a great picture taken in front of their trailer, thanks Mike!!!

Jim Fiorentini from West Sacramento was fishing across the lake on the east side with red PowerBait and Lo and Behold he netted a 7 lb. 8 oz. Catfish!!  Phil Wichman worked the entire lake in a troll pattern until he limited out on trout, Phil was trolling with a Sling Blade trailing a worm.   Matthew & Carter worked hard trolling all day, each of them did get a trout near the dam, they used flashers and nightcrawlers.   Ron & Chris of Grass Valley trolled with flashers and a worm near the dam and caught 5 trout,  the best part of trolling this time of year is you don’t need downriggers and you don’t need a lot of weight to get you down.  Trolling this time of year is mainly surface or not more than 10′ down.

All of the little trout are in their “playpens” thanks to the bucket brigade of helpers that showed up to transfer them from the trucks to the pens.  Since their pens are located at the camper or long term boat dock there is no fishing allowed from that dock until they get released in the spring.   Thanks again to everyone who showed up to help and mostly to the kids whose determination is shown in their faces!  After a few bucket loads they get harder to haul and these little guys did not give up!!

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