Trout Plants have started

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Fish & Game surprised us on Jan. 26th with 2 truckloads of Rainbows (3,000 lbs.)  The next plant to arrive will be a private plant which will come the week of 2/12.  Fishing has been tough, they don’t seem to be too aggressive yet.  A few anglers were able to catch fish in the last week anyway.

Greg Machen of Marysville caught a 2 lb. 8 oz. Trout in the Open Area using Powerbait. He said he has “a spot” down there where he never fails to catch fish.

Patrick Naves of Nevada caught a German Brown Trout in the first hour he was here. Using a live minnow, fishing from shore in the Open Area, he captured a 2 lb. 12 oz. Brown Trout. I was so happy for him because it was his last HURRAH campout with Dad & Uncles since he will be leaving for the Army in a few weeks!

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Travis Hollon & his friend Jack caught a 6 lb. Catfish  by the dam on chicken livers. Travis’s daughter Johanna was beaming from ear to ear while holding her bloody Trout that Mom took a picture of and emailed it to us from her campsite since the office was closed when they came up. That Trout looked huge in Johanna’s arms, my guess is it was at least a 4 to 5 pounder!!

Little Waylen McCutcheon was kind of bummed out when he and his Grandpa Mo and Grandma Donya got skunked so we fixed him right up. Waylen is holding a German Brown Puffy Pillow fish (from our store inventory) so he could take a photo home to show Dad!

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Porter Silas & Krista Vervalin of Chico are pictured together with a trout each. Porter caught his by the boat ramp on Powerbait.  Pictured with Porter is Krista Rhodes from Chico with her Rainbow Trout she caught a few weeks earlier. Krista is the lady that didn’t get her photo in the last report because I mistakenly dropped her photo from the camera before it went in an album.  Believe this! She brought her frozen Trout back up, thawed it out, had her 2nd picture taken with Porter-then ate that sucker for dinner!!

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