Fishing & Hunting at Collins Lake

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It’s a FACT-the lake has turned and the fish are gorging on Shad.  It makes it a little difficult for you and I to catch them however, since they already have plentiful food.  Rickey Paez from the Yuba City Bass Busters Club defied that rule and landed a 7 lb. 5 oz. Spotted Bass on their November 14th derby day.

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Natalie and Lucas brought up a 5 lb. 12 oz. Catfish for their picture.  They caught theirs on Anchovies near the Water’s Edge group area by the dam.  Catfish are easy to catch, they bite anything-the stinkier the better too….

Ashland & Johnny of Colfax also caught a Catfish which weighed 3 lb. 12 oz. and they used live crickets.

Let’s talk HUNTING

We sure saw an increase in the hunting around Collins Lake this year. It’s Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area and Donovan Hill  which are located within walking distance of us.  Daugherty Hill produced some awesome opportunities this year for young hunters that may be just starting out to seasoned hunters experienced in this area already.

Many of our employees (male & female) are avid hunters and enjoy having this haven in our own backyard.  Mike Jagd and his wife Kelly and their children went out quite a bit this year.  Mike harvested a 2 X 3 buck  during deer season and recently he and his dog “Rocky” got 3 pheasants.

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Our area is quite popular for Turkey Hunters as well, they are abundant to our area.  Pat Gonzales was here camping over Thanksgiving with his family and after talking to Mike Jagd he was successful in bringing home a turkey for their dinner!!

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