Perfect Weather for Fishing

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How does 75 degrees with a slight breeze sound for a perfect fishing day!!  I was pleased to see how many weekday campers we had this week and I even got to talk to several since my cousins were camping and when I wasn’t working I was fishing.  Our camp neighbors turned US ON TO FISH! They were drifting with powerbait or worms near the bridge and caught 7 to 8 fish a day.  My cousin Mica Fish (that’s really his last name) limited out on his last day thanks to Jeremy, Mike, & Kevin of Gardnerville, NV. and their “hints on where to catch fish”.  They sent us up almost all the way to the bridge on the “last bend” in the water before you reach the bridge. On the right hand side of the bend is a wall of rock and boats just anchor in close the the rock wall and throw their line out towards the channel with powerbait (we used yellow) or worms and powerbait and let it float off the bottom.

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John Burgess of San Carlos picked up a nice 6 lb. 8 oz. Trout on a Needlefish trolling under the power lines.  Another Santa Rosa camper name Art Wong hooked himself a 5 lb. 12 oz. trolling with worms. His friend Vince Buettner netted a big 4 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow trolling a nightcrawler also.  They have lots to talk about when they get back home!

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Rene & Amaia wrestled in a HUGE 8 lb. Trout from shore in the 200’s campground area. They caught this monster on chartreuse powerbait.  Ryan Barella brought 2 of his buddies up for the first time and they each caught their 1st Collins Lake Trout. Later that day Ryan hooked a 4 lb. 12 oz. at the dock, just off the back of his boat on his new Crowder Rod of Stuart, Fla. He says thanks to Gary for that one!!   Chet Danforth made a point of letting us know how tickled he is that the fishing has been so great this year. He limited from shore in the Open Area on chartreuse powerbait he said.

Mike Kolko from Hollister is on his 3rd or 4th trip up here this spring and finally outfished his buddy, Ryan Barella.   Mike trolled Rapalas under the power lines and caught a 6 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow Trout. He likes being “the Winner” I can tell. Carmen Salazar of Yuba City caught her limit of trout on powerbait by the dam on 6/5.   On her visit the following week she caught more and her biggest weighed in at 5 lb. 8 oz.  Don Pine outdid himself this week with a 6 pounder he caught in the middle of the lake trolling  a Rapala. These trollers are still holding at 20 to 25 feet down and early morning is the best time to expect to catch a limit of  Trout. It’s not like they don’t catch anything during the day or evening because they do, it’s just better in the wee hours before or around daybreak according to what people are telling us.


Our guppies have been busy this week!!  Chad of Yuba City and his group landed 2 limits of Trout from shore using orange and/or  chartreuse powerbait, their biggest was a 3 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow.  Little Kelly Vang was happy with one Trout, she caught by the dam on powerbait.  Leeto & David of Yuba City each caught a Trout on spinner baits.

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William Lyle and Kylee from Bangor caught 9  Trout  on power eggs near the group camping area by the dam. They found a secret fishing hole and later returned and caught 10 more Trout the next day. I tried to “get it out of them” but they aren’t sharing!  Luis Mota was thrilled with his 3 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow which he caught on powerbait.

Omar Topete of Gridley and Alex and Miguel had a blast fishing over the weekend. They really got into it and most of their Trout & their catfish was caught on worms just drifting in about 30 feet of water. Hunter Wickum showed his Grandpa Dave Callison how it is done! Hunter took home a limit of bass and a 1 lb. Redear Sunfish using live crawdads on the east side.  Kudos to Kris & Tara who caught 4 Rainbows from shore on powerbait. Also to Justin & Sean who fished near the bridge using worms or powerbait.

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