Still seeing Trout limits

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Mike Kelly of Grass Valley left here very happy with his 6 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow Trout which he caught trolling at 15′ down.  Bob Wartburg of Lincoln has had “The Best Spring” ever this year catching multiple Trout over the 5 lb. category.  He lost his favorite Rapala (hand painted with his ex-wife’s fingernail polish) and is still on the hunt for it. It is in the mouth of one of the biggest Trout he has ever seen here and his trek to find that booger is not over yet!!! This week he caught a 6 lb. & a 7-3/4 lb. and one was at 15′ down and the other at 28′ down, trolling a F-11 firetiger Rapala.

Among the biggest fish caught this week was a 17 lb.4 oz. CATFISH by Dave & Mark Zaski of Tahoe. They are on their annual father son camping trip and they also netted a 5-3/4 lb. Rainbow using a worm.

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Ming Vang of Yuba City enticed a 7-1/4 lb. Rainbow with a marshmallow and worms by the dam. David Callison & Kevin Donovan never go wrong with purple plastic worms, they usually catch bass but this time they got 4 Catfish. Their biggest Cat weighed 6 lbs and they fished all over the lake. Austin Rioux & The Starks used Wedding Ring spinners and Austin pulled up a 6-1/4 lb. Rainbow.  Tammy & Emmanuel showed a 6 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow that they are “serious” about fishing.  They diligently awaited a “HIT” using powerbait near the Water’s Edge camp area.

Joyce Sullivan of Pleasant Grove trolled Needlefish near the dam and hooked 2 gorgeous Rainbows, one was 5-1/4 oz. and the other one a 6-1/4 lb. Danny & the 2 Ryan’s kicked “you know what” on 5/30 they all limited out on Trout trolling Rapalas all over the lake-an 8 lb. topped the stringer!!

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Krysta Ann & her Dad had a very productive “father-daughter” fishing trip. They trolled the main body of the lake using several lures in their box, at 15′ down and took home a limit of Trout.


Austin & Chong teamed up and caught a 5-3/4 lb. Rainbow in the Open Area using Powerbait. The Vue family used red Powerbait, also by the dam and landed a 6-1/4 lb. Trout.

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Little Michael Lopez of Yuba City manhandled 2 husky Trout which he & Dad caught by the dam. Isaiah Torres caught his 2 lb. Trout in front of his campsite.

The cutest catch of all was by Natasha & Jayden!! Natasha spotted a kitten walking in our ceiling!! She spotted her little paws across the light panel which is see thru and pointed at it yelling “what is that”!  With help from our staff they caught a baby kitten and took her home!! Thanks from all of us Natasha!

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