Another New Lake Record Trout

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Steve Washington probably got straight A’s in school, WHY? because he’s a great listener!! Steve calls me every week and asks ahead of time about what he should use and where he should fish and every week I tell him what I know. Every week he catches awesome fish, this week was no exception with a 7 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow Trout topping his stringer of a perfect limit (5 fish). Fred Libby ended his stay here with a 6 pound Rainbow and both he and Steve trolled Rapalas. Another Rapala man is Rick Grimmett and his son Gus, who took out 2 limits of Trout yesterday trolling down towards the bridge @ 25′ down. The colors you want to use on the Rapalas are oranges, reds, or chartreuse green.

Les & Bev Nason were whining big time when they lost their last Rainbow Runner lure-it’s magic at Collins Lake says Bev. They caught fish everyday, and last week they landed a 5-3/4 lb. & a 5-1/2 lb. off the east shore.

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Jim & Julie Castle just purchased an Annual Pass and in the last week have trolled with flashers and worms. Nothing too unusual about that except they are trolling from kayaks and they each limited out both days, that’s 20 Trout in the last week!! Lester Skelley of Paradise comes every year for a 30 day stay with his lovely wife Nancy and fishing is 2nd nature for him. His best catch this trip was a 7 lb. 2 oz. Rainbow Trout and a 4 lb. 4 oz. trolling flashers & worms by the dam. Bob Crawford of Chico chooses the spring to camp long term to enjoy the rewards of our spring planting program. This year has to be the best I have ever seen it and Bob’s family has slayed the Trout!! Catching Trout over the 6 lb. category is no problem for this crew, he even brought me one they smoked!!

Ernie Borello got to “show-off” for his daughter Jen by hooking a 6 lb. 8 oz. Trout caught on a Needlefish by the dam. Bob Wartburg also trolled Needlefish and not one but two monster Trout took the bait, a 6-3/4 lb. & a 7 lb. Sam, Albert, & Jerry caught a nice stringer of Trout trolling Bubble Gum Jelly Bellies near the bottom! That’s what they said! Jim Cooper of Alamo has been relentless in his trek for Trout this month, he trolled a red/gold Needlefish and netted a Rainbow weighing 6-1/4 lb. Bud St. Onge of Daly City also trolled Needlefish near the dam and caught a 7-1/2 lb. Rainbow.

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Frank Schattner fished this morning with a broken-back Rapala just below the surface and he and his buddy caught 6 and lost 6. As the morning went on they went deeper, around 14′ to 15′ down and caught the rest of their limits and left by 10:30 am. With the surface temperatures rising this will be the norm for Trout fishermen from boats or from shore, hit the m early if fishing shallow or troll with downriggers any time of the day to get deeper.

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