Lake up 4 feet since May 1st

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Collins Lake came up 4 feet since May 1st thanks to 4 inches of rain, hooray!! The rain “runoff areas” produced some huge Trout. Parker, Ron, & Anthony brought up 15 Trout which they caught with powerbait on the eastside in one of the areas still producing a good runoff. The big bay on the eastside is still a great spot for trolling shallow or drifting with Powerbait. The Bennett brothers (twins) caught 2 identical looking Trout on their first day fishing.

“Big Ed” Balakin of Loomis will swear that fishing near the dam is the best! He caught a limit of Trout, his biggest a 6 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow on Sep’s grubs by the dam. Dave Borrego of Sac. caught a RainbowTrout weighing 4 lb. 8 oz. from shore by the dam using chartreuse powerbait. “Another Great Day at Collins Lake” is how Jim & Diane of San Jose explained their fishing day, complete with 4 Trout!!

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Jason & Brian took home 2 limits of Trout they caught out of Elmer’s Cove drifting orange powerbait. Elmer’s Cove produced 2 Trout at 3 pounds for Manny on Manteca. Manny trolled using Kastmasters & Rapalas.

The bridge area was a lucky place for Brad & Brittany last Sat. They trolled with a gold Needlefish and hooked onto a Rainbow Trout weighing 6 lb. 12 oz. Heidi Ekstrum fished by the bridge and landed a 4 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow on a spinner bait.

CBAF Kid’s Camp was a success even though they endured a huge rain storm on Friday night. Paul Baker and several Bass Pro guys took the time to teach 50 kids about Bass fishing, boating safety, and camping in the rain!! It is an annual event, going on it’s 3rd year at Collins Lake.

William Jessup University had a fishing Derby here last Saturday (5/2) and Frank Schattner who heads up the derby said the turnout was great, they raised lots of money to send their students on mission trips. It rained on Sat. as well, but that didn’t stop the participants, a 10 year old from Yuba City won 1st place.

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As long as the surface temperature stays around 68 degrees we are planning on continuing the planting program until the Memorial Day weekend (5/22). This week we are still expecting a double plant so it has to come today 5/7 or tomorrow 5/8.

The Garrison Family caught a stringer weight of 11 lb. 4 oz. of Rainbow Trout from the beach using Rainbow Powerbait. Ray Johnson netted a 4 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow Trout in Elmer’s Cove tossing a Kastmaster for bait.

As you can see, fishing is fantastic no matter where you fish on the lake. All the catches above were recorded from the bridge to the dam and from Elmer’s Cove to the east side. The lake is only muddy around the edges from all the recent rains so the water clarity for most of the lake is still clear and trolling is no problem.

Logan Bailey of Diamond Springs set a New Lake Record

with a 14 Pound Rainbow on 4/18/09.

Logan was trolling a gold Kastmaster near the bridge.

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