Logan Bailey Sets a New Lake Record

Logan Bailey set a new lake record with his 14 Pound Rainbow!


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The sweetest little grandma, Gerrie Morrison caught our LAKE RECORD TROUT on 4/13/09-a 13 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow Trout. She was using a rattling lure which was pink & white. Her son fished the whole week before using Shasta pinks (a Flee Bitty) and nailed the trout. PINK is the HOT COLOR, so check your tackle box before arriving.

I know it’s hard to believe but Grandma Gerrie only got to hold the Lake Record for 6 days before Logan Bailey of Diamond Springs set a New Lake Record with a 14 Pound Rainbow on 4/18/09. Logan was trolling a gold Kastmaster near the bridge.

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The weekly Collins Lake Derby has started up again. If you want to enter the derby let us know the minute you arrive. It is $4.00 per day or $10.00 per week. We will have it every week through fishing season. The week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. The winner will be determined at the close of business on Sunday, you may call on Monday morning to see if you are the winner. The biggest fish of that week will determine who the winner is, and that person will receive a check for $100.

The consistent plants and fish releases from the net pens have “created quite a stir” and everyone is catching fish. It is by far one of the best fishing seasons we’ve seen here at Collins Lake. Bass are active as well, as they are trying to spawn in the warmth of the shallow water. We still have a lot of campers, since some kids are out of school this week for Easter break. Gus Grimmet hooked a 5 lb. 2 oz. Rainbow off the beach on Powerbait. Sierra Tonkin & her Daddy used Powerbait by the dam and netted a 6 pounder. Victor Pouard of San Lorenzo topped his stringer with a 6 lb. 8 oz Rainbow while trolling Rapalas. Mitchel threw a lime green Roostertail off the rocky point by the rental boat marina and on his 1st cast he hooked a 4 lb. 11 oz. Rainbow.

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Ken Harris got into some monster trout up by the bridge using Kastmasters and he swears it’s because his friend Marty wasn’t with him! Ryan Barella also caught a big 4 lb. 8 oz. Trout because Mike Kolko (his fishing buddy) wasn’t with him. That’s mean huh? Bobby, J.C., & Edgar each limited out yesterday trolling firetiger colored lures in the big bay on the east side in shallow water. They had 2 Trout over 6 pounds, and 2 over 7 pounds. Jeff Bailey never left the dock and reeled in a 4 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow using a Rainbow Needlefish. Tom Hudec of Grass Valley bought a Flee Bitty (pink & gold) from me yesterday morning then brought up a 6 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow for his picture later that day. It’s his annual birthday trip to Collins Lake, that’s icing on the cake!

Upcoming Private Fishing Derby

CIFFI-Project Kokanee Lake Collins Annual Trout Derby

April 18th @ Collins Lake

sign up is OK up until April 18th- Call Gary Erck (530) 626-8833

William Jessup University (WJU) Trout Fishing Derby
May 2, 2009 @ Collins Lake

It’s official – Collins Lake will be stocked with trout for 2009 as planned, including DFG trout, the net pen trout project and the privately-planted trophy trout that Collins Lake is famous for. DFG announced several weeks ago that they will stop planting rainbow trout in many lakes and streams for 2009 and Collins Lake was placed on their preliminary list of the lakes to stop planting. http://dfg.ca.gov/news/news08/08131.html . This was an error which DFG has acknowledged and has since corrected. It seems that in their haste to prepare the list, they showed an incorrect surface area for Collins Lake, but the correct area has been documented at 1,008.8 acres. (Manmade reservoirs larger than 1,000 acres are supposed to be planted as before.)

Signed: Lincoln Young, General Manager

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