Winter Fishing to Finish 2018

December has given us many blessings, most days seem to be crisper and brighter than any other time of year, they sky bluer and the lake quieter. We have had a few storms which have added 7 feet to the surface elevation but most days the winds have been calm and the water still fairly clear.

Jack & Jim Bell fishing the shoreline as the shadows grow long

We’ve seen a continual stream of trout, most of them caught right off the shore on PowerBait or worms. Here’s some of our great winter catches:

Elisa caught this 5 1/2lb trout on green PowerBait down in the Open Area:

William Miyasaki from Sacramento caught a 5 3/4lb trout in front of campsite #70 on yellow PowerBait:

Richard Hensley from Olivehurst caught a few including this 5 3/4 pounder on rainbow PowerBait by the beach:

Colton & Sid Cates caught a 6lb and 5lb trolling spoons on the western bouyline:

Jose Contreras caught a 5 1/2 pound trout from the dam using PowerBait:

Jeff Neels of North Highlands caught a 3 pound trout near the main marina:

Marc from Sacramento showed off a limit including a 6 1/4 pound trout, caught using a variety of PowerEggs and other bait:

I see people go out for winter fishing out in all conditions, in the cold, wind and rain. Some guys say that’s the best time to be out on the water; But for myself I think the best winter fishing is a clear day with light or no wind. I have no evidence that I will catch any more fish than they guys taunting the tempest but I am reasonably sure that that I am not catching as much misery.

To cap things off Jack’s grandson Owen Bell caught this beautiful trout along the shoreline North of the beach just this morning:

Great catch Owen!  And from all of us up at the park office, stay warm and enjoy the clean cool air as you get your winter catching on!


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