Spring has come early this February!!

 Spring has come early in February!! What the heck is going on? So…..the nice manager here decided to  start our every week planting program EARLY!  This week we are getting a double plant to start it off. YEAH! YEAH!    But with that you will see a lot of people enjoying this weather and catching some nice fish!! Get your bug spray and come on out!!

Ami Fleming of Yuba City caught a Crappie using worms by the dam using flashers.  Rachel Castanon and Harryson Hellman of Loma Rica caught a couple of nice trout trolling with dodgers and hutchies.  Bonnie Mudrick of Oroville caught a 5 lb trout by the beach using rainbow powerbait.  Les Phillips and Bob Troyer of Grass Valley caught a 3 3/4 lb trout by the dam using yellow powerbait.  George Medina of Fair Oaks caught a 5 lb and a 5.5 lb trout using speedy shiner in the middle of lake.  Mike Miller of Brownsville caught 2 crappie on the other side of the lake and 1 trout by the dam using broken back Rapala lure.  Kirby Desha of Lincoln 5.2 lb trout by the dam using Rapala lures.  Brendan Parsons caught a 5 1/4 lb trout by the spillway using orange powerbait.  Mee Thao of Marysville caught a 5 3/4 lb using worms by the dam.  Nicole of Yuba City caught a 5 lb trout using gulpbait on the beach.  Amir McMillon of Sacramento caught a 5 1/2 lb trout using orange powerbait by the dam.  Rocky Lepira of Gridley caught a 4 1/2 lb trout using geen powerbait by the dam.  Aki and Ellen Takeuchi of Foresthill caught 3 nice trout by the beach using worms and garlic powerbait.  Robby Jellsey caught a nice 5 lb trout and 4.4 lb trout using power eggs. Mark and Jeremy Black of Meadow Vista cuaght to nice bass under 4 lbs.

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