Fall trout planting starting soon!

                   This September has proven to be better then last year around this time! Last year we only saw catfish being caught. For this year we have seen alot of Bass and Crappie.  We do start our trout planting program here in the middle of October.  Yeah!! So, get your trout lures ready!! 

For this month we had Dale from Forbestown caught a 5 3/4 lb Bass using crawdads across the lake on east side.  Heidi, Laura & Kevin of Browns Valley caught a 5 lb. Catfish using worms in Elmers Cove.  Connor Robbins caught 1 lb. trout down by the dam using redworms.  John Schenbari caught a 4.1 lb. trout with worms floating worms middle of lake.  Charlie Moore caught a   3 lb. Bass and 5 1/2lb Catfish in the middle of lake.  Nylan Cullifer of Antelop caught a 2 3/4 lb Bass by the beach using swim bait.  Joseph Pele of Sacramento caught a 9 1/4 lb catfish using cornmeal paste in open area.  Diane Orozco of Oakley caught 2 Catfish & 2 Bluegill using worms by the marina.  Dylan Murphy and Larry Martin caught 2 nice Bass by the dam using zray lures.  Kim Olsen & Art Stufflebeam of Sacramento caught 2 Bass & 5 Crappie 40 feet from the bank using Rapala lures.  Glen Bruning & Vaughan families caught a 9 lb. 4 oz. caught a catfish with worms and salmon egg hooks in marina cove.  

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