Summer Fun!


                                                         Summer Fun is here!!

We are seeing more of Catfish, Bass & Crappie this summer.  They are catching trout more often in boats going down about 40 feet or more.  Night fishing off the rental dock is always a fun time to catch some trout or catfish.  

    Jayden of Vacaville caught 2 trout using yellow powerbait in Elmer,s Cove in a boat.  Thomas Hagerty caught 4.5 lb catfish using powerbait down by the dam.  He also caught 2  trout using green powerbait too.  Saxten Miller of Rocklin caught a 3 lb Bass off the sore by the marina using live bait.  Chris Barrett of Sacramento caught a 6 lb catfish using chicken liver down by the dam.  Duane of Yuba City caught a nice 2.5 lb Bass using crawdads down by the beach.  Amaia of Oakley caught a 3.5 lb Catfish using anchovies in the middle of the lake.  Duane and Family of Yuba City caught a 3 1/4 lb Bass using crawdads off the beach.  Cash of Rocklin caught a nice trout using rainbow powerbait down by the dam.

Owen Joseph of Loma Rica caught a 1 3/4 lb trout and three nice size Bass.  Kaila Wittshire of Reno and dad caught a blue gill using worms by the beach.  Jordan, Britney, Jassiah & Wyatt of Redding caught a nice 7 lb Catfish shore fishing using a hotlink for bait.  Craig Smith of Olivehurst caught a 7 1/2 lb Trout trolling down about 40 ft by the dam using spinners.  Trinity & Landon of Sacramento caught a 6 1/4 lb Catfish down by the dam using chicken livers.  Lori Proctor and LuAnn Matthews caught a nice big 7 lb trout trolling in the middle of lake using worms.  Joshua Delgado with the help of Grandpa Bruce Harris caught a 3 lb trout @ the boat docks and Bro- Bro and Jade also caught a 3 lb trout at the boat docks too.  It was Bro-Bro’s first trout catch ever!! He was so excited and had alittle help from grandpa Richard Chapa!!  


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