Catfish and Crappie are biting!

Catfish and Crappie are biting!  So the 100 degree weather didn’t stop those diehard fishermen, the hotter tempatures brought out the crappie, bluegill & catfish.  Using live bait and/or chicken liver will get you a catfish almost everytime. The live bait works best on the crappie or bluegill.

Owen Joseph a local boy who loves to fish caught a nice 3 1/2 lb bass using crawdads by the dock.      Belle & Joe of Vacaville caught 2 trout and 1 crappie trolling with Kastmaster lures.  Madeline, Camden, Samantha,Khloe & Korbin caught 1 trout 1 crappie and 3 bluegills using powerbait at the dock.  Jaden Feriera caught a 10.6 lb catfish using chicken liver.  Gregory Wance caught a 6 1/2 lb catfish using red worms on the shoreline.  Logan Tanner & Hehle Yonesto caught a 1 1/4 lb trout using powerbait down by the dam.  Cnad Bartlett of Brentwood caught a nice 9 1/2 lb. catfish using spinner lure in the kayak near swim area.  John & Paula Guerra caught 2 limits of trout trolling using live bait.  Mark & Dave Zaski caught some nice crappie and bass using  minnows on the eastside of lake. Randy Wyatt caught a 6 3/4 lb trout trolling with a red lure.  Jesco & Tara caught a limit of trout on the beach using marsmallow and worms.  Abbi Oyer, Bella Orteza of Auburn caught a trout just over 7 lbs trolling in the middle of the lake.  Dean of Concord caught a 1 lb. trout using powerbait down by the dam.  James & Christine of Oroville caught a 6 lb catfish using worms on the other side of the lake.  Gi Gi and Laurie caught 3 nice trout using worms and powerbait up by the powerlines.  Ricky & Hector of San Jose caught 5 3/4 lb trout using a triple teaser lure in the middle lake.

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