Here comes the sun!

Here comes the sun! School is out and the sun is out! There is alot of fish being caught and more to come! The lake is full of water and fish, so don’t be shy come out and enjoy the day at Collins Lake! So here is the list of people who did really well fishing the last week of May. 

Landen Leal of Fresno caught 2 trout down by the dam.  Chong Vue of Elk Grove caught a limit of trout using powerbait in Elmers Cove.  Don & Kim Feryance of Woodland caught 6 trout, 3 bass trolling across the lake. Jesse, Wyatt and Owen Joseph caught 11 crappie at the doc using live bait.  Dale Giacomini of Redwood Valley caught a big 7 3/4 lb trout down by the dam using a crocadille lure trolling.  Dan & Don Jr. Feryance of Woodland caught 3 trout and one crappie.  Gary Ledbetter of Marysville caught a 6 3/4 lb trout down by the dam trolling with Apex lure.  Austin & Lance Tressler of Rocklin caught a 4 lb trout using orange powerbait down by the dam.  Pat Rebello of San Leandro caught a huge 7 lb. trout using powerbait trolling with worms.  Rosalyn & Gabbie caught crappie fishing with worms on the farside of lake.  Alan Moore of Lincoln caught a huge 7 1/4 lb trout using needlefish in the middle of lake.  Aliysses, Alexia and Alex of Gridley caught 5 trout using powerbait in their top secret spot.  Kellen, Kaden Rogers caught some crappie and bluegill by the dock using worms.  Maksim of Sacramento caught a 6 lb trout using green powerbait.  Madison, Karina & Ellie of Hidden Valley Lake caught trout using orange powerbait.  Dustin of Antelop caught a 6 3/4 lb trout using worms by the bridge.  Sean Sangregorio caught a huge 7 1/4 lb trout using Kastmaster lure down by the dam.  Monti Wright Of Sacramento caught 6 catfish, 2 bass & 4 bluegill using worms by the island.  Zachary Durbala caught 1 crappie using worms at the marina using worms.  Bill Kincade of Yuba City caught 6 crappie and 1 bluegill and a 5 1/4 lb trout using powerbait by the dam.  Nestor Zelinsky of Antelop caught a 4 3/4 lb trout using powerbait by the dam on the shoreline.  Junarai of Marysville caught a 5 lb trout using green powerbait down by the dam. 

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