Big Fish Week!

This was the Big Fish week! So if you are reading this and you decided to go somewhere else to fish this week, we just want to say we are still open and planting fish this week too!  …. so you better come in and try to catch the big one! YOU DECIDE!?  So lets recap for this year we have started planting Feb. 14th and have not stopped planting since then, the total pounds of fish we have planted this year has been around 20,600 pounds- Including trophy size fish and lets not forget  our farmed trout which was around a total of 4900 pounds which also will be more then that because the grew larger in three months of us feeding them too!

Dale Moore of San Jose caught 3 trout using Dan Callyor Lure by the powerlines up in the north end. Patrick Farley of Discovery Bay caught a nice 4 3/4 lb trout using the Dan Callyor lure by the powerlines too.  Les, Bev & Pat of Sacramento and San Leandro caught alot of fish trolling with worms trolling about 20ft down.  Dacid Bunting caught a big 7 lb trout using powerbait down by the dam.  Richard Bouffard caught 3 nice trout using powerbait  down by the bridge.  Adrian, Dominque,Gustavo and Phillip caught 4 trout using powerbait down by the dam.  Jack Underwood and Chris Mustad of Carmichael caught a 8 1/4 lb trout using minicrawlers straight across the lake by boat ramp.  Bev, Pat & Les caught alot of trout using worms and powerbait trolling by boat launch.  Michael Martinez caught a nice 5 1/2 lb trout using Rapallas trolling 20ft down.  Patrick Farley caught a big 6 3/4 lb trout trolling down 15ft using the Don Collier lure.  Alayna and Anthony of Oregon caught a nice trout using Kastmaster lure trolling all over the lake.  Fank Cross and Ken Borello caught a nice 7 lb trout trolling down about 25ft.  Bernard O”Brien caught a big 7 3/4 lb trout using worms trolling 20ft down.  Makayla Azadian caught 6 trout using needlefish all over lake.  Tim & Isaac  of Grass Valley caught 7 trout by the bridge using spoon lures.  Hailey, Mallory, Jane, Dylan and Gary caught 6 trout trolling all over the lake with worms.   Mica Fish and Fans caught a nice 7 1/2lb trout using needlefish down by the dock.  

Also this week we had Kathy & Bob Hess Celebrate to Life BBQ.  If some of you remember she was the one that did the fish report here for many years and also worked here for over 30 years. We will miss her greatly! She loved doing the fish report and always added her funny comments to them. We love you Kathy!

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