Everyone is catching fish!!

Everyone is catching fish!!   We did have our last plant of our farmed fish released this last week.

BUT…. we are still planting a double plant this week. So we are not done planting and the weather has been great!!

Jim Fleenor caught a 2 lb trout and a 2 1/4 lb trout using power eggs.  Steve Venturi of Roseville caught a nice size trout using a Kastmaster lure using watermelon dodger.  Carl Malotte and Mike Barringer of Lincoln caught 2 limits of trout using flashers with worms down by the bridge.  Wyatt Josephof Loma Rica caught a trout and a bass down by the rental boat.  Dawn Frerichs of Vacaville caught her trout down of the beach using white floating eggs.  Tim Howard of Dixon caught 3 nice trout down by the dam using white floating eggs.  Silvia Fordier of Dixon caught 3 trout trolling by the dam using a sling blade lure.  David & Joshua Engebretsen of Bangor caught 6 trout, largest was 7 3/4 lb trout using rainbow powerbait down on east shore of the dam. Rex and Alyssa of Orangevale caught 2 limits of trout using green powerbait down by the dam.  William Fritz of Tracey caught 2 1/2 lb trout trolling with GVF lure 30 feet down.  Benny & Mason caught 4 nice trout trolling using pink hoochies all over the lake.  Frank of  Oregon caught 5 trout on east side of lake using Rapala lures 15 feet down.  Jesco of Forbstown caught 5 trout down by the dam using Rapalas.  Edward and his party from Sacramento caught alot of fish, largest was 7 lb trout. down by the dam using power eggs.  James & Jimmy of Hollister caught 6 trout trolling with flies down by the dam.  John Odonnell of Sacramento caught a 4 3/4 lb trout down off the rental dock using powerbait balls.  Michelle of Rough and Ready caught 4 1/4 lbs. trolling down by the dam using worms.  Brandon and Michelle Moen of Rough and Ready caught 6 trout and one bass trolling down by the dam.  Daniel & Doug caught a limit of trout using secret bait down by the bridge, Secret bait?They just don’t want to share what bait they were using!!  Bruce & Brian  of Lincoln caught one bass and 6 trout trolling 30′ down using pink hootchies.  Charlene of Sacramento caught 2 crappie using rubberworms shore fishing by site #56b.  Chuck Scott of Oakley caught a nice 6 1/4 lb trout using yellow powerbait down shore fishing in Elmers Cove. We missed posting last weeks pictures so I added them here to the bottom of this page with this weeks too. 

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