The sun is here with fish plants every week!


  This week at Collins Lake was a awesome week!  We will have plants every week starting this week from here on out until it gets to hot! The largest fish caught this week was caught by Sami Milo, she caught a nice big 6 lb. 7 oz. bass using a senko! Nice job!!

Also, there was Jason Peck from Woodland caught a nice 3 lb. trout using green powerbait down by the dam. Mason Krein caught a nice trout  on swimbait fishing on the shore by site #56a.  William, Mason & Ryan Wallace caught a nice 3 lb trout plus one little one using worms down by the beach.  Terry Schober of Santa Clara caught a 2 1/4 lb. trout using powerbait down by the beach. Brian Nash from Oregon caught 2 nice trout by the dam trolling with needlefish.  Ashley Clark of Oroville caught a nice 2 1/4 lb. Bass using a synco worm down by the dam.  Terry Schober of Santa Clara limited out fishing off the beach.  Marlene of Vacaville caught a nice 4 1/2 lb. trout trolling by the bridge in the north fork. So it looks like they are catching fish pretty much anywhere on the lake even with the murky waters! 

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