Spring is here!

Spring is here! We will have another double plant this week. This is the first week so far this spring people are showing equal catches from the bank and trolling in a boat. The trolling is between 3 ft. to 10 ft. down with a simple lure like Rapala, Kastmaster, or flashers with a worm. Shore fishing they are using worms or powerbait.

Addison of Yuba City Caught a 3 1/2 lb trout using green powerbait down by the dam.  He also caught 3 smaller trout too. The Knox family caught 4 trout trolling using Rapalas!  

The Garcia family of Marysville caught 7 trout down by the dam using rainbow powerbait. Billy Bob Williams of Grass Valley caught a nice 3 1/2 lb. trout using a broken back Rapala in cove across the marina. Jim Tillman of Penn Valley caught a nice big 6 lb trout using green powerbait down by rockpoint. Joe Jones of Vacaville caught a 2 3/4 lb bass using plastic worms across the lake.  Chris Hazen and friends caught 4 trout using powerbait down by the dam. 

Katie Butler of Orangevale caught 3 trout on powerbait.  Jason and Katie Butler from Orangevale caught their limit of trout using powerbait off the shore.  Adam Appier of Lincoln caught 5 trout of the beach using powerbait.   Conner and Steven Gladden of Sacramento caught 4 trout using rainbow powerbait by the dam.  Pheng Thao and Brett Blackwell of Oroville caught 3 nice bass trolling with Rapalas and sinkos. Hailee of Auburn caught 2 nice trout down by the dam using green powerbait. Aubrey and Matthew of Auburn caught 2 nice trout down by the dam using green powerbait too.  Kayla Currier and Sierra Jacobs of Sacramento caught a 3 lb. trout using green powerbait down by the beach.  Amelia, Rachel and Weston of Grass Valley caught all together 9 trout and 1 bass using orange powerbait and worms together. Nick Rose of Browns Valley caught 2 lb. trout using red powerbait with her hello kitty fishing pole down on the beach!


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