14 lb. Cat caught on a worm

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Ken Moorehead of Vallejo lands a 14 lb. Catfish in Elmer’s Cove!  He was fishing from shore using worms for bait.

Natalia & Mikayla Smith fished in a cove across the lake and hooked three nice Catfish from 6 to 7 pounds in size!!  They had some help from Daddy who baited their hook with anchovies…..

Probhat Palma lands a gorgeous stringer of Bass from a boat near the dam using live crawdads.

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1st Fish Honors go to 4 yr. old Katelyn Snyder from Sacramento who was up here fishing for the day.  She was using green Powerbait in a cove by the dam.

Misty, Al, & Gary from Woodland had a fantastic fishing day, they took home a huge stringer of trout and ALL were caught by the dam on PowerBait.

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Ethan Blaylock from San Jose fished in Elmer’s Cove with worms and caught a really nice 4 lb. 12 oz. Catfish.  Ivan Flores from Pittsburg also used worms and hooked a lil’ catfish, best eating they say!!

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Diane Orozco caught a trout and a catfish off the dock on PowerBait.

Michael Orozco fished near the dam and hooked two cats, his biggest weighed 8 lb. 4 oz. and he also used PowerBait.

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