Zaski guys catch & release 50 fish!

Dave Zaski, his sons Mark & Dave Jr. & Rick Martinez used live minnows or worms and caught & released 50 fish!!!  There were lots of Bass & Crappie and a 10 lb. Catfish caught by Rick.  Dave Jr.’s biggest Bass weighed 5 lb. 2 oz. (netted by little brother Mark) and released by Dave.

Almost all the trout caught these past couple of weeks were caught by trollers, down below 20′.  Joey Buickerood caught his two trout on a Tasmanian Devil lure.  Ava & Chloe from Argyle, TX. hooked their trout on a Kastmaster.

A beautiful trout 4 lb. 12 oz. was caught by Megan & Alexandria from Alameda trolling with worms near the dam.  Travis & Jacob Trejo trolled 25′ down with Moose Wobblers or Kastmasters and caught two trout limits.  Mike Eltiste from Lincoln caught a huge trout by the dam on PowerBait, weighing 4 lb. 4 oz.  Josh & Evan also fished near the dam with PowerBait and together took out a trout limit (5 total).

Ryan Barella from Santa Rosa trolled with Brayden Doyle and they hooked three rainbows, the biggest was a 2 lb. 8 oz.  Jason Row from Sac. also caught three bows ( his biggie a 3 lb. 12 oz.) Trevor Slightom of Durham fished early morning off the dock with green PowerBait and hooked a nice 2 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow trout.

Mark Makishima caught a 2 lb. trout on a Barbie Fishing Pole! Kevin Calhoun had a blast fishing off the dock and catching Bluegill, Bass, and Crappie on salmon eggs or worms.  He went back and caught more with Bryce Bunson & Anthony Jackson!

Congrats to Noah Freilich from Rocklin on landing his 1st catfish ever and impressing everyone with his 9 lb. 8 oz. trophy…… Jesse Joseph and his sons Owen & Wyatt each caught some great looking Bass off the dock using live crawdads!


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