MAY — I Go Fishing

Not just trout this week!

Lots of Catfish and some Crappie are on the bite too.

Bill Vanderklugut & Milan Rapa hooked a 5 lb. 8 oz. trout on a Cripplure trolling near the dam. Gene Boyd of Benicia trolled around 15′ down and landed three nice trout, his big boy weighed in at 5 lb. 2 oz.

Billy Jones from Oroville topped the Catfish Chart this week with his humongous 14 lb. 8 oz.  and he caught if from shore just north of the rental dock.  Not far from there in Elmer’s Cove Monti Wright hooked five Catfish and a Bluegill on worms.

Ashley & Mario Mondragon caught an 8 lb. Cat on the east side on a dead minnow.  Enzo George from San Jose caught a nice stringer of Crappie on a green jig off the rental boat dock.

Quentin Acosta hooked a 5 lb. Trout on the other side of the dam using a worm/marshmallow combo.  The Martinez & Tyndell families carried out a stringer of nine trout, biggest being 4 lbs.

Eddie, Paula, & Raulla Eichberger couldn’t do any better, all of them limited out on trout using orange PowerBait from the beach!!  Johnny & Barbara Grizzle also caught a limit down by the dam using rainbow PowerBait.

Tyler & Dominick caught a nice stringer of trout from their campsite while celebrating Dominick’s 3rd Birthday at Collins Lake!!  Joesette Gippetti from San Jose caught a whopper of a trout 4-1/2 lbs. on a Rapala trolling near the dam.

Kayla Trask trolled with a dodger/Hoochie combo and caught two trout at 2 pounds each.  Ivy Green of Forbestown limited out on trout (5 total) trolling Rapalas near the dam.   Logan Sidensol from San Jose brought two nice trout home for supper which he hooked off the rental dock on worms.

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