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Another fantastic week of trout catches galore!!  Milan Rapo started the week off with his huge 6 lb. trout he hooked on a Flatfish lure.  Following close behind was the biggest trout caught this week by Steve Bohlman from Rocklin.  Steve’s hefty trout weighed 7 lb. 8 oz., along with a 3 lb. 4 oz. and he caught them both on a Thomas Bouyant lure.   Emelio Porter & Jesse Castellanos caught two trout in the 4 lb. range along with four others, trolling Needlefish lures.

Ernie Borello & his daughter Jen teamed up and brought in a beautiful 5 pound trout they caught & netted using a Rapala lure.  Croix Baio sent a couple of photos of him and his son Gordon and they were fishing with homemade lures.  Croix hooked a 6 lb. trout and Gordon caught a 3 lb. 8 oz. trout.

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Frank & Sallie came all the way from Idaho to fish for trout in our lake. They had a blast and their big one was 5 lb. 12 oz.  Peter Tinoco from Roseville limited out on two diferent days this week, his lure of choice is an orange Rapala.

Our local catfisherman Dale Mansfield picked up two cats over 3 pounds on the east side using live minnows.  Tim of Roseville hooked a 9 lb. 8 oz. Cat from shore by the boat ramp on a nightcrawler.  Josyah, Monti, & Antwon of Sacramento caught 3 Cats & 2 Bass while shore fishing with worms in Elmer’s Cove.

Looks like Ava Young outfished her fishing buddy Dave Roberts!!  She hooked a gorgeous 4 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow, trolling a Rapala down by the dam.  Rylee Coker & Casey Folsom took home a nice stringer of trout while fishing with PowerBait from the beach.

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Anthony & Jade Crawford and Nancy Stapp were (one shy) of two limits of trout!  They trolled the eastside with worms or lures and their biggest weighed 2 lb. 8 oz.  GULP Eggs worked like a charm for John English of Y.City who took home a limit of trout.

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Lucian Woolsey & Aislinn Gamble from Santa Maria caught a largemouth bass and some trout trolling with lures.  Erik Liske of Meadow Vista hooked a 5 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow from a boat one the east side, fishing with chartreuse PowerBait.  Brian Hudson trolled this side by the campground using a broken backed Rapala and hooked a trout weighing 5 lb. 12 oz.


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