Exciting news for Fall 2015

Our yearly Fall Trout Planting Program will begin in Mid October!!  Between mid October and the end of November we will gain over 7,000 lbs. of trout.  Three trout plants will include trophy sized trout along with the catchable ones.  Since our lake is a bit lower than last year we are waiting for just the right time to plant when the water is cold enough, this is why mid Oct. is our projection!!

The last two plants  are part of our Net Pen Project and these trout will be “raised” over the winter and into the spring in the pens and when they are released in the spring they will average two to three pounds each.  This project is in addition to our spectacular Spring Trout Planting Program.

Roy & Nancy Adams hooked a big 5 lb. Catfish on shrimp bait off the boat dock.  Kathy Weikum from Oroville caught a 3 lb. 12 oz. Catfish also off the rental dock using worms.

Evan & Magnolia from San Francisco brought in a 1 lb. 4 oz. Bass and a 1 lb. 4 oz. Crappie which they caught from shore down by the dam using worms.

Greg Jansen from Roseville hooked a 10 lb. Catfish on chicken livers. Greg & his group caught three Cats total near the dam.

Larry Hemphill fished the lake recently and remarked on the huge amounts of shad he saw in the evening.  He caught one Largemouth and three Spotted Bass using a top water plug resembling a shad.

The Uribe, Romero, and Valivia Families from the Bay Area came up for their last ice cream before they headed home and posed for a picture for us!

Addison Blanco found an animal tooth by her campsite and would like help from our readers in identifying what kind of tooth it is, can you help her by leaving a comment on our Facebook page?


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