Hallelujah I’m back

I want to apologize to everyone for the delay in getting our Fishing Report program back up and running.  I have been “chomping at the bit” to get back on here and post all the fish photos.  This will be the biggest one ever with ALL the May (fish catches) along with the June photos!  I didn’t want to leave anyone out because they are all very important to us!!

May was a typical month with tons of fish catches, primarily trout along with the beginnings of the Crappie, Bass, & Catfish catches.  June has been much slower on the trout but steady on Cats, Bass, & Bluegill.  This June is one of the “Hottest” on record which backed the trout back down under the thermo cline which is 40′ and below.

To catch those sneaky trout above 40′ you’ll have to do some night fishing when the temperatures cool down at night.  Some fishermen fish for them from the shore at night using a marshmallow/egg combo or worm/Powerbait combo.  Fishing from the rental dock with a bright lantern is a good attractant as well and you might get trout or catfish, although the catfish prefer some kind of “stink” bait over anything else.

I would like to mention everyone’s names individually but I’m afraid this report would turn into a novel so I have named each photo instead, if you hover over a photo it will give you the person’s name.

Typically most shore fishermen will fish with Powerbait or worms and trollers are using downriggers to get down deep and continue to us lures such as a Kastmaster, Rapala, or trout spinner of some kind.

Anchovies, chicken livers, or clams are a few mentioned Catfish favorites, the stinkier the better.

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