Fishing is Fun-Catching is a Bonus

In the past few days we received two trout plants, one from DFG and a private one with trophy sized trout and some of those with prize tags.  This week produced many limits of trout along with a 7 pounder caught by Dave Zaski from Tahoe and he was trolling with a spinner up towards the bridge.  Gary Cava from Lincoln looked pretty pleased with his 4 lb. 8 oz. trout which he caught on a Kastmaster lure near the channel.

Limits from shore are just as prevalent as limits in boats, this year it is not necessary to go troll deep or fish from a boat in order to catch big trout.  Papa Frank & Joe from Sheridan caught a limit by the beach on orange PowerBait.  Dan Fitlin, David Anderson, & Steve Harvey caught 10 trout along the Open Area shoreline, all on PowerBait.  Marty Stuart trolled near the beach and netted a 5 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow.

Lil’ Caleb caught his 1st Fish Ever on orange Powerbait, a very impressive 18 inch long trout!  Aidan & Kalob Valdez from Santa Cruz also used PowerBait in a cove and caught a nice stringer of 6 trout.  Pam Bates of Citrus Heights took home four beautiful trout, the biggest was a 3 lb. 8 oz., she trolled flashers and worms near the channel.  Alan Lowe of Orland fished one day and caught a 4 lb. 7 oz. Rainbow trolling a worm and returned three days later and caught a limit of several different lures he said. 

Frank Schattner from Yuba City limited out on trout while trolling a threaded worm by the dam anywhere from the surface to 25′ down.  Vanessa & Spencer caught five trout off the beach on orange PowerBait.  The Coffman brothers caught two limits of trout from Benecia trolled the whole lake with Shasta Tackle and each limited out on Rainbows.

Hal Smith & Ramona caught their usual limit apiece in their secret spot by the dam using a variety of colors of PowerBait.  Phil Digirolamo fished with Pam & Mike Woolf trolling worms and caught a nice 3 lb. trout and two others.  Jack & Liz Burnette from Brownsville had a fantastic day of fishing from shore by the dam, they stayed until they each limited out and used PowerBait.

Bill Graves & Craig Custer caught two limits of Rainbows by the beach using worms.  David Walker from Nevada City hooked two trout by the dam and one had a Blue Tag.  The beach shoreline area produced 10 trout for the Maciel Men from Fair Oaks, they used rainbow PowerBait.  Jane & Mark Okasaki from SAC hooked five trout on PowerBait (biggest 2 lbs.) near the dam.

A few bass were caught this week too!  Brandon Pundt from Antelope caught his by the bridge on a nightcrawler.  Kevin Donovan and David Callison caught a huge stringer of Bass on rubberworms, fishing a lot of the runoff areas all over the lake. 

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