Time to go fishing folks!!

Another trophy trout plant arrived today, Wed. April 15th.  Although the wind picked up overnight and continued through the day, Ray & Margaret Johnson said their limit of trout just blew right onto their hooks while shore fishing by their campsite!  Their biggest one weighed a whopping 5 lbs.

Today, Ryan & Jen from SAC caught 2 limits of trout and they were casting worms down by the dam.  Because of the wind Grace bait fished from Mike Will’s boat down by the dam and hooked three nice trout, her biggest also weighed in at 5 lbs.  Jack & Mike Kneeland with Addie Williford caught three trout across from the boat dock, still fishing with PowerBait.

Yesterday Mark Swan from Pleasant Hill and a friend each limited out on trout shore fishing from the beach using PowerBait, and one had a green tag.  Robert Murray used rainbow PowerBait on the far side of the dam and got a big surprise!  He didn’t catch a trout as he expected, he caught a 9 lb. Catfish instead….

Elaine Briefman caught a trout off the beach on her usual PowerBait, but she usually catches more than one!  Oh well, better luck next time girlie!  Ron Pimentel of Fairfield fished with his crew and together they landed six nice trout on sherbert PowerBait.  Paxton & his Papa (Frank) struck it rich, fishing with PowerBait off the beach they caught a huge stringer of Rainbows.

Sal Cagliano from Dobbins & his friend Terry from Elk Grove caught the Biggest Trout this week, a 6 lb. 12 oz. rainbow.  They were fishing with worms in Elmer’s Cove from their boat.  Joe Oliviera from Antelope went home with three rainbow trout he caught from the Open Area shoreline on yellow PowerBait.

The Diaz Family from Carmichael used pink PowerEggs off the beach and caught 3 trout-the big one a 5 Pounder!

Ayden Pfatt of Wheatland picked up a nice little Bass off the beach while fishing with green PowerBait.  Jim Fiorentini from W. Sac caught a beautiful 1-1.4 lb. Redear Sunfish by the last island showing from his boat using a worm.

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