3 Trout Plants already

Great weather, great fishing, great time to come camping!  Normally this time of year this week would have been the first plant of the year but we started early and have already recieved two private trophy plants and a large F & G plant.

Two local guys, John & Dave, caught two humongous trout yesterday (8 pounders) and three others in the four to five pound category.  These guys fish from their boat and troll for their trout.  Paul Parker from Lincoln fished off the sand beach using worms and landed a 4 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow.  Dennis Houser from Meridian fished near the beach with a Kastmaster and hooked a 3 lb. trout.

Oh! What a day it was for the Shinn Family from Plumas Lake!  Mark, Hunter, Emma, Jenna, and Adria caught a big stringer of trout.  They fished from the shoreline down by the dam and used PowerBait to entince their fish with.

Richard Cummings & Ken Jorgensen limited out on trout from shore by the dam, the big one is 3 lb. 8 oz. and PowerBait or worms worked equally well for them.  This morning I missed seeing my buddy Chris Hazen, he and Dan Fitlin limited out on trout before I got here!  They were fishing with yellow PowerBait off the beach…..

This week was kind of quiet but this weekend we are expecting quite a crowd so next week I should have a lot of fish stories to share with you! 


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