Getting close

 Collins Lake Trout Plants are CLOSE to happening!!!  It is still in the planning stages but very near indeed, we know for sure that F & G will be stocking us again this year along with our private plants of some trophy sized trout.  In case you guys are not aware it is sunny and beautiful, not at all foggy.  The weather is perfect for a fun day of shore fishing or fishing from your boat. 

Mostly Powerbait is the bait of choice used when fishing from shore.  Elaine Briefman picked up another trout beauty on orange PowerBait this week, (3 lb. 8 oz.)    Jeff & Natalie from Sacramento used a worm/PowerBait combo by the dam and hooked three nice bows.

James Moorehead from Vacaville netted a 10 lb. 4 oz. CATFISH in front of his campsite below our store!  Michael McGahan showed up with the most IMPRESSIVE trout catch of the week.  He had a limit of trout and the largest weighed in at 6 Pounds.  Michael was trolling near the dam using a Rapala.

Gary Denzler looked pretty happy with his huge 3 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow trout which he caught near the power lines towards the bridge.  Logan Sidensol from San Jose fished in a boat too, under the power lines they caught their trout while drifting with PowerBait.   Young Chevey Luna fished off the beach with PowerBait and hooked a 3 lb. trout on a worm/PowerBait combo!

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