Holy Moly we got RAIN

Our lake has risen over 20 ft. as of 12/20, a great ending to 2014, and an even better beginning of 2015!  Although the water is muddy by the bridge where the main runoff is, down by the dam the visibility looks amazing.  Even during the recent storms which brought more than 10 inches of rain, people are actually catching fish!

Baylin & Gabby from Colfax each caught a trout on orange and pink PowerEggs, the big one weighed 2 lb. 8 oz.   Ryan & Blake Bennett & Kule Sisk of Lincoln, Ca. brought in a Catfish that Ryan’s Dad caught and he said they were using worms for bait.

Mason Severson and his friend Kevin brought in Mason’s 4 lb. 12 oz. trout which he caught on PowerBait while anchored in near the last remaining island in our lake!  Kevin caught one too but his line got wrapped around the prop and he lost it Mason said.

Elaine Briefman fished in the rain and landed a 4 lb. Rainbow Trout from shore!  Leslie Seid of Tracy caught some really nice trout on his camping trip, the biggest was a 5 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow, Leslie trolled with broken back Rapalas.  Joe Varda also caught a big trout, ( 4 pounds) from shore using PowerBait.   Jason Thompson & D.J. Carr each caught a trout by the dam along the shoreline on nightcrawlers.

A 26 -1/2 lb. Catfish was found “floating”

with obvious signs of trauma from a boat prop! 

Probhat is shown pictured with the beast, proof that those CATS get pretty big in our lake! 



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