Trophy trout galore this week!

With three trophy trout plants delivered already and another one on the way, the trout fishing has just been phenomenal this fall.   Gus Grimmett and his Dad (Rick) fished two days in a row trolling a dodger with a worm.  The first day they got 7 Rainbows, biggest 4 lb. 12 oz. and the next day they both limited out.  They trolled by the dam and so did Mica Fish.  Mica trolled with a bronze lure with a red head and limited three days in a row and his biggest trout weighed in at 5 pounds.   Neither of them were fishing deep at all but Mica did get a new boat and used his downriggers, but he was only 15′ down.

Carl & Jene from Lincoln caught 10 trout trolling in the middle of the lake with flashers and nightcrawlers, most of their trout were two to three pounds each.  John & Steve caught a trout limit on grubs near the islands and their monster weighed 4 pounds.

A local gal, Elaine Briefman took a brief moment to run up and wet her line and took home two nice trout, which she hooked from shore on orange PowerBait.  Chris Hazen, brought up Duane, Ron, & Dan and together they caught 10 Rainbows from shore by the dam on PowerBait also.  Samantha & Gordon Baio and their family caught 11 bows  and the biggest one on their stringer was 4 lb. 4 oz.

Trevor LaRue, Tanner, Pappy & Bumper caught a whole lot of Rainbows and they also caught the biggest one of the week (5 lb. 8 oz.) and they were trolling with Rapalas.  Three limits of trout were caught by an unusual group of guys named Veebdog, Madman & Gordo!!  A 4 lb. and two 4 lb. 8 oz. were the big boys on their stringers.

Isabella & Viki Lanzaro had a blast trolling with flashers and worms with Isabella’s pretty pink fishing pole she hooked four Rainbows! 

Paul, Serenah, & Rodney Vargas from SAC caught a 4 lb. 4 oz. Bass on a worm and two rainbows on garlic PowerBait.  Kevin & Dave slayed the BASS using plastic worms or nightcrawlers fishing on the east side and up in the north end.  Kerry & Dolton Vestal from Roseville caught the biggest CAT this week, it was a 7 lb. 8 oz. and they fished with worms.  Jerred Borgas from Davis fished near the rental dock and hooked his trout on rainbow PowerBait.

Some of our anglers photos are not displayed this week, they were accidentally dropped from our camera and not saved.  They include Tony Reyna with a 7 lb. Cat and 2 trout.  Haley, Steve, Wink & Jeff caught 6 trout on the east side using worms or Raplas.  Jake, Ryan & Max hooked up three trout (big one was 3 lb. 12 oz.)  Pat Divers landed two bows off the boat dock shore with a pumkin seed grub!  Regan Hightower caught a trout by the dam on worms.

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