1st Fall Trout Plant arrived- 2,500 lbs. of them

The trout are HERE!  We recieved 2,500 lbs. of Rainbow Trout yesterday and it was a “split load” which means half of the load are considered Trophy fish and the other half are considered “catchables” which are the smaller ones.  Get ready to have some fun fishing for the trout, they will remain very active and they don’t have to go deep to get to the colder water.  They will be hungry, they like PowerBait and they will chase and bite minnow type lures if you’re trolling, along with their all time favorite (nightcrawlers)!

This weekend we are expecting quite a few fishermen in the Fish Sniffer Tournament of Champions annual trip.  Anyone can fish the lake however, fishing is open to everyone whether you are in the tournament or not.  The weather is expected to be closer to the low 80’s during the day and low 60’s at night.  Perfect for fishing or camping or walking the dog!!

Jesse Trejo of Elk Grove caught a 1-1/2 lb. and a 2-1/2 lb. Redear Sunfish near the marina using worms for bait.  His “partner in crime” Doug Clark had to “one up” him and caught a 7 lb. 8 oz. Catfish on PowerBait.  These two guys are life long fishing buddies,  and competition just comes naturally!!!

Ray & Margaret Johnson consistently introduce “new anglers” to Collins Lake and this time the twins caught lots of Bass on their first attempt at fishing our lake. 

Elaine Briefman is one of our “lady anglers” who always catches fish, no matter where or when, she has the touch!!  This trip she caught 4 beautiful Redear Sunfish using worms off the sand beach.

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