Hungry fish

Jade Delgado caught her beautiful Rainbow trout in the 1st five minutes!!  She was fishing with her Dad David and her cousin Fonso using garlic PowerBait.  Thanks to her cousin Fonso Delgado and his “netting skills”  she was able to get her 2 lb. 8 oz. trout in the boat.  Later on that day as their families relaxed and swam near the bridge Brandon decided to throw a line out.  Before long he saw a lot of action going on and grabbed the pole and thought he had a huge trout on but lo and behold it was a 6 lb. Catfish!  Thanks to his cousin Rickyboy Chapa they wrestled it up on the shore!

The most popular bait used this week is a TIE between PowerBait or nightcrawlers!  Almost every fish caught this past week, whether it was trout or catfish was caught on worms or PowerBait.

Cameron Tucker & Sara Aitchison from Yuba City started the week off with two limits of trout they caught trolling about 35′ down at the south end of the lake near the dam.  They trolled with a Dodger and a nightcrawler.  Cameron fished two days later with his buddy Josh Burlow and they too LIMITED on trout with the same setup.

Just yesterday Gavin & Tyy Hansen fished with orange Powerbait and caught 5 Rainbows, their biggest was 2 lb. 8 oz.  Hal Smith has a “favorite spot” in the Open Area where he always finds the “hungry trout”.  It can’t be luck because he or Ramona ALWAYS catch trout when they come, Hal caught 4 Rainbows this week on various colors of PowerBait.

Bo Fritz had no problem holding up his 10 lb. 4 oz. Catfish, he used Berkely Power Minnows for bait, fishing from a  boat in the middle of the lake.  Gene Cliff and Joey & Logan Weitz brought up a limit of trout for their photo shoot!  They fished near the dam and used chartreuse Powerbait.

The “Buck Brothers” (Tanner & Ty) each caught a trout while camping by the dam and fishing the shoreline using chartreuse PowerBait.   It took both Kayla & Olivia to hold up their 5 lb. Catfish which they caught on worms.

Sam Provenzano from Oregon House caught three trout on PowerBait and Nick from Antioch fished from the dock using worms and he too caught a trout.  Anthony Contreras & Cruz Del Conte fished by a cove near the marina and caught two catfish while baiting up with worms.

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