Sunfish are bursting

The Trout were still feeding along the shoreline this week with some nice catches from shore in the Open Area or off the rental boat dock where you can get into some deeper water.  PowerBait is till the #1 leading bait to use, ranging in all colors from rainbow, chartreuse or corn as the most common.

Hal Smith hooked four trout, his big one was a 3 lb. 11 oz. beauty and his total stringer weight was nine pounds and he fishes by the dam using PowerBait.  Arkanto & Jubei Ly from Sacramento caught a little of everything!  They caught a Bass on a Roboworm, 2 Cats on redworms, 1 Trout on PowerBait, and 11 Bluegills on redworms, great job guys!

Justin Marshall sent his photo to me via i phone and it shows his fantastic 4 lb. Catfish he caught from his boat down by the dam using a worm.  Love the photos that people send us from their phones while still on the lake, they are awesome so keep them coming to please!!

Collins Lake fishermen are catching lots of Redear Sunfish this week, showing off that our lake has some of the biggest Sunfish around!   Kevin Howell from Plumas Lake caught his 13″ Redear on the east side on a worm.   Anthony Windom Jr. from North Highlands also caught a huge Redear by the dam on a worm.

Vincent from Yuba City took home a 10 fish stringer of Redears, he hooked them from shore using worms down by the dam.  Larry Smith from Oregon House caught a 6 lb. 14 oz. CAT off the dock on worms and liver, with his son’s help.

Congrats to Lucas Richards, who caught his 1ST FISH, it was a whopper too!  His trout weighed in at 2 lb. 4 oz. and he caught it off the dock while night fishing with PowerBait.  Blake Jacques of Napa caught a huge 4 Pound Rainbow near the dam while fishing with PowerBait.  Little Jaden Evans from Antioch was fishing with PowerBait off the dock when she hooked her 2 lb. Rainbow Trout.



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