Great turnout for Fish Sniffer Derby

The Annual Fish Sniffer Derby at Collins Lake was a huge success, with 315 participants this year including lots of kids!  The weather and the fishing were both accomodating as well and the majority of the trout weighed in were 3 pounds and above said Sheldon Bright.

The next derby is this coming Saturday and it is the CIFFI annual Derby and you can sign up with one of their sponsors at the store the night before or early Sat. morning on 4/12.  This week we will receive an 1,800 lb. load of fish from the private hatchery, including trophy sized trout.  We also will let two of our net pens go of around 600 lbs. of fish in each to total 3,000 lbs. of fish for a great chance of catching fish next weekend.

Sam & Elaine Briefman from Loma Rica each limited out on trout from the beach using orange PowerBait.  Haley & Ryan Olson caught fish all week and ended their camp trip with some beauties, they also used PowerBait off the beach.  Chris Newman & Andrew Tate & the kids caught two nice limits of trout off the beach on chartreuse PowerBait.

Cameron Snell’s limit of trout topped a 3 lb. 8 oz. beauty which he caught on chartreuse PowerBait.  The Knox family caught a limit of trout in the Open Area from shore on PowerBait.  David & Diane from Chico also used PowerBait by the dam and caught 3 Bass & 3 Trout.

Rich & Linda Cassata are seasoned fishermen to Collins Lake and they caught 3 nice trout off the beach on PowerBait and their big one weighed 3 pounds.  Mike Woolf fished in the main campground by his site below the store with PowerBait and hooked a 2 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow, the next day he limited out across the lake on nightcrawlers. 

Young Jordan from Citrus Heights fished along the campground shoreline with PowerBait and had great luck, taking home three beautiful trout to Mom & Dad.

Little Abigail Goodnight caught her 1st trout off the beach on Powerbait.

Ron Brockman from Roseville caught a perfect limit of trout, average size 2 pounds by using corn PowerBait on the beach shoreline.  Don & Justin Davenport from Dublin caught a mixture of trout and bass using worms by the dam.

Jeremy Wright & Heidi Nemeth from Magalia had a rip roaring good time trolling with Roostertails for trout they landed 7 trout and the biggest one was a 4 lb. 4 oz. beauty. 

John Rawilinson from Wheatland and Chris Turner from Marysville showed up at the store with 8 trout on their stringer with a 2 lb. 9 oz.  trout as their trophy!  They fished in the Open Area with salmon or rainbow PowerBait from shore.

Lawrence & Linda Tracy from SAC. caught 3 trout by the dam on red or green PowerBait.  Rich & Juliette fished in the campground with PowerBait and hooked 9 Rainbows (biggest 3 lbs.) near the beach!  Rodger Salindo & Lee Gaines could do no wrong as they held up a stringer of 10 trout they caught on corn PowerBait, and their huge one weighed a whopping 4 lbs. 4 oz.

MICHAEL MCGAHAN caught the BIGGEST TROUT THIS WEEK, a whopper that weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz.  Mike fished by the dam with worms and caught his limit with this big bad boy as the biggest of the week!

Greg Nance Sr. brought Gregory Nance Jr. fishing and they caught 3 trout, biggest a 3 lb. 2 oz. would you believe on Anchovies!  Mike Harris from Roseville caught 2 trout, and his big one was a 2 lb. 8 oz. on PowerBait by the dam.

Mark Black & John Walthall from Colfax topped their catch with a 4 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow, together they hooked 8 beautiful trout while trolling with Rapalas all over the lake.  Alan Tomiyama hooked 4 Rainbows from shore by the dam on yellow PowerEggs while his son Aaron caught two trout and two bass.  Alan says they love fishing Collins Lake and wishes they could come more often!  Thanks for the lakefront photos Alan, they look awesome!

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