Double Trophy Plant arrived on 3/20

A private double trout plant of 1,800 lbs. arrived on the 1st day of Spring, yesterday March 20th.  Instead of releasing two  net pens this week, we will release four net pens next week.  The limits of trout we are seeing are encouraging and many of those are in the 2 to 3 pound category!

Kevin (The Madman) and his buddy Chad caught two limits of trout by the powerlines.  Joe, Larry, and Kevin from Yuba City teamed up and caught two limits of trout while trolling with Rapalas all over the lake.  Rachel & Sara fished off the beach with PowerBait and took out 4 Rainbows.

Bret Cester caught 4 trout (biggest a 3 pounder) trolling with nightcrawlers and a Bass which he caught on a minnow.

Randy Lyon of Napa & Doug Payne from Santa Rosa caught their limit of trout on nightcrawlers & flashers, not too deep either.  A HUGE  trout caught this week was hooked from shore off the beach (4 lb. 8 oz.) and the anglers were kids!!   This beautiful trout was brought in by Trinity Gray & Landon Nunes from Sacramento.

Harvey Ankley from Roseville was mighty proud of his 2 lb. 13 oz. Rainbow which he netted from shore by the dam, and he used a nightcrawler for bait.

Bob Green & Bill Myers trolled Wedding Ring spinners off the marina and caught 7 trout, biggest was 3 pounds!  Randy & Katie Watkins from Citrus Heights hooked 4 trout on lures or worms while trolling near the channel.

Congrats to Leilani Chavez from Santa Rosa who landed her 1ST FISH EVER, using PowerBait from shore.  Aaron Lujan from Marysville sent his a photo of his personal best (a 5 lb. trout) which he caught on a worm dipped in Mike’s Lunker Lotion.

A local woman angler (Ramona) tied with Aaron for the BIGGEST TROUT OF THE WEEK, with her 5 lb. Rainbow, along with 3 other nice ones.  Ramona fishes from shore by the dam and uses garlic PowerBait.

Dan Cochrane from Paradise also fished from the shoreline in the Open Area using worms and hooked a gorgeous 3 lb. Rainbow.  Rich Vrzal from Lake Wildwood trolled with a worm and a dodger near the powerlines and caught his 3 lb. 12 oz. trout.

Chris Holsey from Sutter had an INCREDIBLE DAY OF FISHING, his stringer included 5 Bass, 5 Trout, 3 Redear, and a Crappie and he caught them on worms he said.   Kaitlin Jones fished from the Open Area shoreline and left happy with her two Rainbows, she was using PowerBait.

The first Catfish of this year was brought to us by Ethan, Noah, and Montana from Yuba City.   They were fishing from a boat across the lake from the marina using worms.

Robert Edmonson trolled the east side just below the surface with Rapalas and hooked 4 trout.  Cathy Prouty caught her trout (a 2 lb. 8 oz.) from the shoreline in the 200’s campground area on rainbow PowerBait.  A limit of trout was caught by Chuck Filby on Powerbait.

Randy Watkins & lil’ Katie trolled silver lures and caught some nice trout in the channel.  Tom Ives from Browns Valley trolled with worms and flasher near the power lines and took home a limit of trout totalling 15 lbs.

Rodney Uron & Larry Moore had a flippin wonderful day fishing together!  They took home two trout limits and the biggest was 3 lb. 2 oz., they fished near the dam using worms.

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