Lots of trout caught this week

With a fully functional boat ramp and 14 more feet water in the lake, fishing is peaking early this year due to incredible weather!  With outside temperatures running in the high 60’s it is quite pleasant to be on the lake in a boat trolling for trout.   Max Cheney caught a trout, a bass, and a crappie on his weekend trip!

Connor, Kenneth, & Jonathan fished with worms off the sand beach and caught 3 trout and 1 bass.  Haley of Napa fished off the beach but stuck to her personal favorite which is Powerbait and she hooked two nice trout.

Paul Johnson from Vacaville showed off his gorgeous 3 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow which he caught on a worm. 

 Tristan, Chayla, Ciana, & Amelia brought a stringer of 9 trout up for their photo which they caught near the dam.  It was a very impressive stringer (biggest one 2 lb. 12 oz.) and their Powerbait color of choice was yellow. 

The Contreras family from Woodland had a blast over the weekend. Jojo caught his 1st Fish on green Powerbait but altogether they caught almost 3 limits of trout near the dam. 

Thanks you Mike McDaniel for emailing McKenzie’s fish photo in, what a great looking Bass she caught on her trip to Collins Lake!

Josh & Jeremy Gorton from Vacaville used yellow garlic Powerbait by the beach and caught four trout.  Four trout topped the stringer fro Alyssa & Zack Clark from Petaluma.  They didn’t have to go far to catch them, it was in front of their campsite!   

Alicia Ahrens also caught her two trout in the campground along the shoreline by site 216.  

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