Fall fishing has started

Fall fishing presents some challenges thanks to the Threadfin Shad that hatch this time of year.  The Shad are starting to appear already and they primarily feed on plankton in the warm shallow water.  Our fishermen have spotted them on the surface already and their timing is correct, they usually hatch when our nighttime temps dip to the low 50’s.  Last night went below 50 so the lake will “turn” in the near future. 

Hal & Ramona Smith had no problem catching 8 nice Rainbows from shore this past week.  That is unheard of when the water temp is too warm for the trout to surface.  The cooling down fall process has begun and the trout are comfortable in coming back up to the top to feed on the shad.  This helps the fisherman have a better chance at catching trout from the shore again.  The mixed blessing is that the trout have “plentiful food” so may not be as willing to eat your Powerbait or worm if they are feeding on Shad. 

8 yr. old Emily caught her 1st Bass from shore while fishing with Powerbait and it weighed almost 2 pounds.  Little Layla Booker of SAC used a worm in Elmer’s Cove and hooked a 1 pound Crappie.

David Callison bagged a limit of BASS and four Catfish as well while fishing with live crawdads.  Roger Busse caught a 1-1/2 lb. Bluegill one day and an 8 lb. Catfish the following day and both on worms.

Young Brook Williams of Petaluma fished with a Super Swift Jr. off the rental dock and caught her first BASS (pictured with Elizabeth & Hender).  Buffalo Bob & Pete Henderson worked hard for their two trout and fished deep with downriggers around 45 feet.  They trolled with a Dodger and corn.

Owen Joseph & his little brother Wyatt brought us a nice looking BASS which Owen caught on worms while they were on their family campout last week.  Little brother is the one with the sourpuss look on his face cause he didn’t catch anything!  Their Daddy (Jesse Joseph) works here at the lake and the boys have been fishing since they could hold a pole in their little hands.

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