Catfish are leading the race

Mark Johnson of Concord topped the Catfish board this week with his 13 lb. monster which he lured in with anchovies and he was fishing at the marina.  Paul Mafia scored a 5 lb. 4 oz. Cat from his boat near the power lines fishing with worms.

Thanks for the picture (Steve Hanson) sent me of his 3 lb. Catfish which he caught on Powerbait.  Young Mateo hooked his 1st big Catfish while fishing with Ed and Cindy.  They were trout fishing from shore off the beach with Powerbait when Mateo hooked his 5 lb. 8 oz. Cat instead!!

Brooke Steinke from Elk Grove hooked a 7 lb. Cat on anchovies from shore by the dam.  Probhat Palma netted his big 10 lb. 6 oz. Catfish from the dock using a live crawdad for bait. Young Charlie Taylor of Marysville was fishing with Matthew Diangelo using nightcrawlers near the dam and hooked a huge 10 lb. Catfish.

More Catfish catches:  from Steve Owen & Pops Fields who fished from their boat and used chicken livers for bait, they captured a 6 lb. 4 oz. and a 4 lb 8 oz. Cat!  Alex Carranco Jr. of Watsonville took home a 4 lb. Catfish caught from the beach on Powerbait.

 Jasmine Syess & Leiloni Urias of Antelope caught a 2 lb. Bass off the dock on a crawdad, then another one same size the very next day. Uncle Brad & Ponchon each caught a Bass using spinner baits or jerk baits to lure them in.

A BIG TROUT was caught by Anthony of Roseville down by the dam. 

His trout weighed in at 5 lb. 4 oz.!!!!!

Pete & Tom of Cotati fished a couple of days and caught 3 Rainbows and 1 German Brown using chartreuse Powerbait in a boat under the power lines.

Hannah Sillars of Chico caught her beautiful Rainbow off the boat dock on rainbow Powerbait.  Porter, Hannah, and Lindsey also brought up more trout and a Catfish caught off the dock (Powerbait for the trout & chicken liver for the Catfish) they said.

Vincent, Sheny,  & Yershaw took home 3 LIMITS of Rainbows off the shore by the dam using nightcrawlers. 

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