Our Fish are “in School” too!!

Schools of trout have been spotted throughout the day near the surface already! Nolan and Mark from Grass Valley limited out (10 total) using Powerbait off the dock.  Ryan & Bari Barella from Windsor and two other couples spent five days on the lake and caught a few trout.  Ryan said the funny thing is he actually caught more BASS while trolling this time with the same trolling flies he always catches trout on.

Christina Barabino of SAC caught a “green tag” trout down by the dam and Tyler of Alameda used worms to lure in his Rainbow caught from the dock.

Lots and lots of Catfish were caught this week too!  Karl McIntosh and Ron & Bill Owens of Olivehurst showed up with 9 Cats on a stringer, their big ones in the 8lb. range.  They were night fishing using sardines for bait.  Abbi & Cori hooked 4 nice Cats, (2 each) in their secret spot using Mackeral for bait and Abby scored a big one at 4 lb. 8 oz.

Gavin McMichael & his sister Mia of Belmont each caught a trout while trolling 40′ on a Super Duper lure just off the beach.  Randy Grant & his friend ARod from SAC also caught trout on Powerbait.  Benjamin was trolling a Wedding Ring spinner by Elmer’s Cove and hooked his 1st Bass.  Congratulations to 6 yr. old Julian Serrano – he caught his 1st trout EVER!! Mom sent us the great photo taken at the shoreline.

Hunter Wickum and Great Grandpa Dave Callison of Yuba City dominated this week with a limit of Bass each and four Catfish as well. Their biggest Cat was 8 lb. 4 oz. and their biggest Bass was 3 lb. 12 oz. and they fish mainly upstream using nightcrawlers or plastic worms for bait.  

Gerald Mitchell and John Palmer trolled with Cripplures and Rapalas and caught 4 nice trout and a Bass down by the dam and in the middle of the lake they said. 

Josh Minas & Nick Lopez of Vallejo brought Josh’s Catfish up for a photo, which Josh caught on Anchovies at the dock.

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