Take a kid fishing


The kids “cleaned up” this week on fishing!  Jake & Zach Livingston caught a Crappie and 2 trout off the marina dock on worms or Powerbait.  Mason Bartholomew of Millbrae fished by the dam with Powerbait and hooked a 2 lb 4 oz. trout.  Damien Purdy of Sacramento caught his 1ST FISH EVER on green Powerbait (a trout that is)!!

Kyle & Ryan of Loomis caught two catfish, one was a 5 pounder and the other one a 2 lb. 8 oz. on worms!

What are the odds of two fishermen hooking the same fish at the same time?  Mike Wills and Jeff Evans did! (not just once but two times) while fishing off the dock for trout!  Crazy fish story I know!  Powerbait is the main bait for trout while fishing from the dock says Sierra, Cassie, Aidan and Drew from Santa Rosa who caught three nice Rainbows one day and 5 trout the next day (largest 2 lb. 9 oz.)

Chris Mazlumian of Foster city hooked three nice trout off the dock using nightcrawlers.  Bella McCleary of Live Oak and her friend Ron caught 6 trout from the dock on yellow sparkle Powerbait.

The Zaski men from Tahoe area found some awesome Crappie this week.  They fish with live minnows up towards the bridge and all looked to be at least 2 pounds.  Photos were sent from their mobile phones, live as it was happening!

Little Daniel West caught a little fish but felt proud as could be of his Bluegill anyway.    Thomas Hagerty catches trout every day of his camping trip usually trolling with a Needlefish he says.  His biggest so far is a 2 pound trout!  Clint and Adam of Grass Valley teamed up and hooked and netted a monster Catfish weighing in at 9 pounds! 

Hal & Ramona did fantastic just fishing from the shoreline with Powerbait. Hal sent some awesome pictures from his cellphone, showing his big trout!!  Kaylee Hunter is not just a hunter but a fishergirl too!!  She hooked a nice Rainbow from shore by the dam on a worm.  Bubba  hooked a couple of nice bows too by the dam and he was using Powerbait.

It seems like the trollers didn’t do as well as the shore fishermen this past week, for some reason the trout decided to come up out of their deep water!  I recommend bottom fishing with Powerbait instead of trolling if you aren’t catching them in the 25′ to 30′ range.


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