Check out Nolan’s biggest fish ever!

 Wesley Liebelt caught the biggest fish of the week,

his Big Catfish weighed 10 lb. 12 oz.

and he and his friend Johnny caught it on anchovies.

We made it through the extreme heat and holiday weekend with some gorgeous fish catches even though the odds were against them!  Hal & Ramona of Marysville took home a huge stringer of trout with a 5 lb. 12 oz. topping the biggest on their stringer.  The second biggest trout (5-1/4 lb) was caught by little Nolan of Grass Valley who already outshined many of our fishermen who have never caught one that big in their lives!! Nolan trolled a Rapala and Hal and Ramona fished from shore near the dam using PowerBait.

A local senior gal from Yuba City fished with chartreuse PowerBait from shore and caught three beautiful Rainbows and her biggest was a 5 pounder. Her name is Carmen Salazar and she know Collins Lake inside and out and has been a loyal customer for at least 20 years!!

Lil’ Texan (Logan Taylor) who is up here visiting his grandparents almost limits out on trout in front of their  campsite!  He stopped at 4 fish, and he used PowerBait in his “secret spot” in Elmer’s Cove. 

The Plattsmeier’s of Reno, Nv. had fun on their camping trip and caught some nice trout off the dock while night fishing with PowerBait.  Hunter Wickum of Yuba City fished with his Dad and little brother Brady and Kyle Beck and they caught  massive amounts of fish on nightcrawlers.  Let’s see, it was 9 Bass, 4 Cats, and 20 trout and their biggest fish on the stringer was a 7-1/4 lb. Cat.

Alex & Josue of Gridley caught a nice variety too, it was a Redear, a Bass, a Catfish and an antique coffee mug!  Bill Pinkerton of Wilton left with a big smile and a Big BASS too, he was trolling for trout and hooked a 5 lb. 4 oz. Bass instead!

Armando Palacios of Roseville had a blast catching Crappie from his boat on red/white mini jigs and 3 Bass from the dock on worms.  Matty B & Capt. Pete left here with a nice stringer of trout and they trolled with worms (all over the lake) they said.

Joe Rice & family from Santa Rosa camped here this week and caught trout and Catfish every single day.  In between playing with the kids and swimming they caught 3 Catfish (5-1/2 lb., 6-1/2 lb. & 7 Pounds)  mostly on chicken livers off the dock.  They also hooked many trout trolling with flashers and nightcrawlers all over the lake but staying mostly along this side of the lake near the channel.  The trout have consistently been running at 30 feet down during the day but come up shallow in the evenings when our outside temperature cools down.  Then people either drift with PowerBait or fish off shore with worms or PowerBait.

Kudos to the Herrera family that fished near the bridge and hooked 2 Bass, a Bluegill, and 7 trout using real or plastic worms.  Jim Mendek of Santa Clara caught his Rainbow on rainbow PowerBait on the east side of the lake.  Jordan Beaver of Grass Valley netted a beauty of a trout near the dam trolling a Rapala this morning.

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