The Trout are spread out

This week we had multiple reports of trout being caught all over the lake.  Before this week they were primarily getting them mostly at one end of the lake of the other (the bridge or the dam).  This week however, we have reports of the trout showing up off the dock, in Elmer’s Cove, in the middle of the lake, and on the east side as well.  The Contreras family had a blast fishing off the rental dock using Powerbait and caught not only trout but Redear Sunfish and Crappie also.

David Clark of Santa Rosa netted the BIGGEST TROUT this week

a 4 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow off the dock

We had two brand new little fisherboys catch their 1st fish this week.  James Hart of Belmont fished off the beach and caught a trout while Chad Rinde of Orangevale chose the Open Area and hooked a nice trout, both on Powerbait.


The Bass decided to bite this week too!  Zach Leonard of Galt caught a beautiful 4 lb. Bass on a crawdad by the marina.  Ray (Crazy Hair) Johnson and his gorgeous wife Margaret ended their vacation with 2 limits of Bass fishing from their boat near the dam using nightcrawlers.  They also helped lots of kids catch fish while they were here, including my granddaughter Macy Rose.  They are truly an inspirational and wonderfully talented fishing couple and always help others achieve the same!!  Ray also caught a 6 lb. 8 oz. Catfish and plentiful trout in his favorite dam spot!

Colin of Concord caught the BIGGEST BASS this week, a 6 lb. 8 oz.  Largemouth

in the Open Area on a worm.

Then theres little Desi Barcala, who is the princess of the fishing girls this week!  Desi wore her pink shirt (lucky one) and fished with pink sparkle Powerbait, on her pink pole and caught a pink Rainbow Trout! 

 Bobby Patterson kept catching Catfish from his boat near the dam and was trying for trout (using Powerbait). He caught the Cats in the middle of the day and they all weighed a little over 4 pounds each.  Dennis & Lanier caught two cats directly across from the boat launch (and they were trying for Cats) on worms, one was 7-1/4 lb. and a 6-1/4 lb.

Tyler Whorton of Petaluma showed his friend Roma Marquardt how to catch a bass off the dock on a crawdad.  Tyler and his Dad Wade have been fishing here since Tyler was in diapers!  This was Eric Heinicke & Ginger La Pierre’s first time fishing at Collins Lake and they must have brought some of that San Francisco Good Luck with them because they did terrific, one day Eric even limited out on trout.  They were fishing near the bridge and drifting with chartreuse Powerbait or Rainbow Powerbait.  They were in the right place at the right time that’s for sure!

Sandy McClintock came up to the store specifically to ask me what he was doing wrong because he just couldn’t get a bite while trolling. I asked him how deep he was and we figured it wasn’t deep enough so he went back out and trolled 30′ down with his dodger and nightcrawler and hooked two nice trout that just made his day!

The Dimeola girls were back this year and Heidi, along with daughters Ashley & Bailey caught a couple of nice trout.  Kyler & Kasen (brothers) came all the way from Arizona to fish with grandpa Ray & grandma Margaret and caught their 1st Trout on a worm.  Nicole Laird and her brother Kobyn caught a Crappie and a trout in Elmer’s Cove on Powerbait.

Parker Haynie of Roseville tempted his two Rainbows with garlic Powerbait by the bridge and it worked!! Alison & Martya Lopez never had to leave their site, and they hooked two nice Rainbows on green Powerbait.

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