Little kids catch lots of Big Fish

Trout limits are still plentiful this week.  Most are caught from a boat in deeper water or off the dock at night.  Hal Smith hooked a nice trout (a 5 pounder) in Elmer’s Cove on a Powerbait/marshmallow combo.  Linda of Elk Grove limited out on Rainbows trolling with worms down the channel.  Maria Garcia of Robbins caught her 3 trout on Powerbait and one had a prize tag on it.   The Moua sisters fished from shore in Elmer’s Cove and caught some beautiful trout, biggest was 3 lb. 4 oz.

Amanda, Brooke, & Megan Kidd of Folsom caught their 1st fish here at Collins on Powerbait from their campsite.  Madison Bogert caught Bass all week with her Grandpa Ron Ross using crawdads.  Arianna & Julian fished from the dock  using worms and caught trout.  Haley of Orangevale fished with her grandparents (John & Linda Cartwright)  and all week long they caught trout on worms trolling under the powerlines mostly.

Mike Wills & Tammy Bland of North Bay Fishing Adventures caught their limits in just a couple of hours.  They also released them back to the lake.  Mike says to troll @35′ in the afternoon with a 4 ft. leader with 3 to 4 tri-colored beads above the flasher and a nightcrawler on the hook. Their biggest was a 6 pounder!!

Matt Broyles came all the way from Klamath Falls, OR. and hooked a 4 lb. 5 oz. Rainbow on glitter Powerbait by the bridge. Dave Zaski and his group hooked and released a 3lb. 12 oz. Bass, a 3 lb. 8 oz. Bass and a 5 lb. 4 oz. Catfish on live minnows or worms.

Eric & Shawn of Browns Valley spent an evening catfishing here and their top notch Catfish weighed in at 8 lb. 2 oz. and 6 lb. 10 oz. and they fished with anchovies.  The Porter’s of Meadow Vista and the Hendrickson’s of Roseville hooked  limits of trout fishing from their boat with Powerbait by the bridge. 

Celia & Zoraida came the fartherest, all the way from Columbia, South America to catch their 1st Collins Lake trout with her son with Celia’s  Ricardo Gomez.  They were kayaking and drifting with Powerbait.  Gloria & Bob Clugston fished from their boat with Powerbait by the bridge and hooked 10 trout on their outing!!

Carson & Devin Hawkins fished in Elmer’s Cove and netted a 6 pound Catfish.  Daniel & David Kerstan are “hooked on fishing”  for sure. This week Daniel caught lots of trout, his biggest a 4 lb. 7 oz. Rainbow and his little brother David caught his 1st trout on chartreuse Powerbait. 

Ray & Margaret Johnson took Julie out this week and they caught a boat load of trout in just a couple of hours while trolling worms near the dam.  Ray even caught a 5 lb. 12 oz. Cat by his campsite with a dried out worm he said!!

The snack shack on the beach is open daily from 11 to 5 (weekdays) again so if yo mama doesn’t get up and pack you a lunch, stop by and get a burger on the beach by the rental boat dock!!

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