Fishing for dollars!

Some fishermen are not aware that we have tagged trout in the lake and are finding the tags on the fish when they get home and start to clean their fish!  This week I received a few calls asking us “how much is a blue tag worth?”  I explained to her it was $10 off a hat or t-shirt purchase and she just squealed through the phone!  If you catch a fish with a tag on it we will honor the color of the tag with the appropriate coupon and you can choose to redeem it now or later.  The tags are white (Free Ice Cream), or green ($5.00 off of day entry or camping) or blue ($10 off a hat or T-shirt) or RED which is $100.00 cash on the spot.  We’ve had two red tags caught in the last 10 days!!

The Johnson’s granddaughter Emily came all the way from Arizona and caught a limit of trout with her grandma and grandpa and her biggest was a 4 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow.  Amanda Shanks of Dixon limited out as well and the top notch trout on her stringer weighed in at 4 pounds, and they were using Rapalas.

Don & Dana Feryance of Woodland had a great family fishing trip and as usual they all limited out on trout while nightfishing off the dock at night.  They even helped Jessica Collar by showing her how to catch trout using Powerbait at night!  Little Winston Huber broke his own record from last time with his 5 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow trout and he was fishing near the spillway with rainbow Powerbait.

Rachel Isaak tried fishing from the dock using live crawdads and hooked a real nice Spotted Bass (2 lb. 2 oz.)  Alex Schwartz  & his friend J.J. pulled an all nighter and caught 3 Cats, 1 Crappie, and 10 trout on worms or Powerbait from the dock.  Doug Humphrey & A.J. Ford topped their super catch of the day with a 6 pound Rainbow trout while trolling with Rapala lures.

Ray Johnson also fished with his “old buddy” Bill Corrie and they caught lots of trout on Powerbait by the dam.  Dave Kissinger and his buddies limited out on trout  trolling with nightcrawlers by the dam.  Tim Reasons of Folsom caught the biggest trout this week, a 6 lb. 12 oz. beauty and he fished from his kayak using Powerbait.

Dave Callison and his friend Kevin caught 10 Bass on worms along with Bluegill and Catfish, from their boat on the east side and up towards the bridge.  Michelle Haug of Pacifica was very pleased with her 3 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow she hooked up near the bridge on Powerbait.

Our last plant was last week since our lake temperature in now 80 degrees.  We will be stocking in the fall of this year with F & G and private trophy plants as well.  The trout have gone down to roughly 25′ for boaters who are using downriggers that’s the number to set your lures at.  For drifters, it really doesn’t matter how deep you are as long as your withing 20 to 30 feet from shore you should be in deep enough water.  If you’re planning on anchoring in, choose the far corner of the dam, or the big bay on the east side, or just past the power lines up towards the bridge.

The Crappie woke up last week and they mostly use mini jigs or worms but you have to be in a boat to find them.  Mark Zaski and his friend Rick caught a nice bass.  Fishing from shore at night has been great for trout or catfish as well as bluegills.  Powerbait or worms work the best!

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