Celebrate Memorial Weekend with a limit of Fish!

Most of the trout limits are taken from boats now since the surface temperature reached 70 degrees this week.  Trollers are down 20′ with downriggers or three colors with monofilament line.  Frank & Maggie Bradley trolled the entire lake and caught 10 trout using flashers and nightcrawlers. 

Fred Libby and grandson Cody trolled with spinners around 22′ down and caught a couple of trout, one was almost three pounds.  It was De Ja Vu for Cody who hadn’t fished with Grandpa since he was a little guy!!  Paul Lowe brought up a nice stringer, his big one was a 4 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow.  Paul fished with Powerbait near the bridge.  Tammy & Larry of Lincoln caught 9 trout by the dam or along the east shore on Needlefish.

Fishing from shore with rainbow Powerbait worked well for Bonnie Mudrick of Oroville, her biggest trout weighed in at 3 pounds.  A cute little girl named Lexi and a Scooby Doo Fishing pole was a winning combo, she caught her first trout ever near the marina on white Powerbait.

The Zaski guys, Mark Sr. & Mark Jr. caught some gorgeous Bass, a Crappie, and a Catfish on their trip this time.  They fished with minnows on the east side.  Dave sent in some great pictures from his camera phone since they released the bass back in!

Dale Mansfield of Forbestown hooked two nice Catfish this week, one a 8.5lb. and the other a 6.25lb. using live crawdads on the east side of the lake from a boat.  Twin brothers Tony & Danny Bennett netted an 11 pound stringer of trout and then Danny had to “outshine” Tony with his 4 Pound rainbow which he caught later on power eggs.

The Johnson’s took out a crew in their boat and they hooked a total of 14 rainbow trout by the dam drifting worms.  Derek Fong caught his first trout ever with Ray & Margaret Johnson a few days before.  Young Cameron is following in his family’s footsteps and has turned into quite a fisherman!  He caught a Bass & a Crappie across the lake using worms.

Debbie Valentine & Pat Higdon of La Habra drive all the way to Collins Lake for the fishing.  Their trip was well worth the effort as they caught a huge stringer of trout.  They have been fishing buddies for years says Debbie.  They like to drift in their boat bouncing Powerbait off the bottom mostly near the bridge.  Debbie brought up the biggest trout this week and it weighed 5 lb. 8 oz. and she got her name in the drawing for our May Monthly Biggest Fish of the Week Contest.  When the month closes we draw one name for the prize which is a day on the Patioboat for the winner and their friends and family!

Phil Brooks limits out on trout and his big 5 pound lunker topped his stringer.  Phil came in and fished the shoreline with Powerbait before it got too hot.

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