The trout outranked the Bass this week

Anthony Crawford & Ed Estes could do no wrong!  They trolled near the bridge using shad colored Rapalas or worms  and caught two limits of trout and Anthony hooked one that weighed 7 lb. 4 oz.  The same day Enrico Deasis of Antioch caught a 6 lb. 12 oz. trout trolling 20′ down using a broken back Rapala.

Frank, Kortni & their son John took 13 trout off the east bank fishing from their boat using Powerbait.  Hal & Ramona Smith each limited out (5 each) on trout in Elmer’s Cove from the shore on Powerbaits and two of them were over three pounds.

Captain Jack Lopez, and Tony Machado and Lonnie Preader used worms & Uncle Larry’s or mig Wobblers and caught 14 trout all over the lake.  Perhaps the sweetest catch of all was Fred Libby and his great granddaughter Trinity Upton, she caught her 1st fish, a beautiful trout as they were coming in and thought they were going to get skunked!!

Doug Clark & the Trejo boys had a ball fishing the Fish Sniffer derby.  Doug won the kayak and they all caught fish and placed somewhere in the line of winners, using their infamous Mooselock Wobblers and trolling down 20′.  The Schmidt and Hemmer families caught some nice trout, their biggest a 5 lb. 8 oz. and they trolled with Rapalas too.

John Petterson of Petaluma caught a 5 lb. 8 oz. trout on yellow Powerbait from shore and Jim Catalano caught his 5 lb. 12 oz. trout off the beach on Powerbait.   Jim Bitcon hooked a 6 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow in a cove on Powerbait .

Bass fishing was pretty decent this past week also.  Julie & Margaret caught 2 Bass & 2 Trout near the dam while fishing with worms or Powerbait.  Makynzie Avalos of Yuba City hooked a 3 lb. Bass in Elmer’s Cove.  Chris & Troy of Sutter fished all over the lake drifting with worms and caught two limits of Bass.

Leslie Gaines was bass fishing and hooked into a 7 lb. Catfish down by the dam.  Her and Mark also limited out on Bass, using live crawdads.  Little Miss Abigail used her Barbie Pole and hooked 3 nice Redears!!

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