Trout stocking program in full swing

 Remember the “one that got away”? Larry Wright of Marysville redeemed himself this week and caught not one big trout but two over 5 lbs. along with wife, Sandy they took home a huge stringer, one even had a green tag on it!!  Dino Tribuzi of Auburn landed a 6 pound trout using rainbow Powerbait.  Trollers did real well this week, the trick is 3 colors or 15′ down, in the middle of the lake or under the powerlines.

Jerald Ritchey trolled with a Sep’s Flasher and worm on the east side and hooked a 5 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow trout.  Ryan & Bari Barella trolled with flies 3 colors down and caught several trout during their camp stay and Bari placed in the CIFFI Derby and won her $50 entry fee back.

Mike Fish from Reno brought his grandson Trevor on a fishing trip and they limited out on the first hour they were here! They got spoiled on Thurs. and Friday with all that action and caught nothing on Sat. for the CIFFI Derby.  Trevor went home on Sunday and Mike fished a couple more days and hooked into a monster trout that spit the hook after Mike got him into the net. Mike lost control of the net at that point and lost both the fish and the net and a little of his pride!!

James Lamont, also known as Kimo Lamont caught a huge 5 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow trout under the powerlines on Powerbait.  He was fishing with his group called “Braggin Rights” and they had their own little tournament on Sat. and Mike Armstrong took 1st, Sticks McCleary took 2nd, and Jr. Rogers won 3rd place. 

Rand & Kay Smith brought up a 5 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow and they trolled 25′ down with a Rapala.  Rick & Skip Paulline trolled with worms in Elmer’s Cove and together captured a limit of bows.  The Kissinger men hooked 7 trout trolling worms as well off the beach and their biggest was a 4 lb. 8 oz. trout

Dana Sheldon of Antelope gets a Hoo Rah for his 6 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow which just happened to be the biggest of the week! He beat out Dino’s 6 pounder by just 1/4 oz.  Monty Wright caught the biggest Catfish of the week, a 6 lb. 12 oz. on a nightcrawler.  Robert Garcia of Yuba City won the biggest Bass of the week with his 3 lb. 12 oz. Spotted Bass he caught on a nightcrawler.  All three get their names in the hat for April and on the last Sunday night of April they will get a chance to win the prize for the month, a day on our Patioboat with the slide!!

The CIFFI Derby was a HIT and they had so many winners to mention, you can see them on their website.  The turnout was great from 100 last year to 170 this year and lots of them were kids!!  My granddaughter won a fly rod in their amazing raffle!  We have 4 net pens (out of 12 total) left to be released and two of them will be released this week and the last two probably not until the week after next since F & G is bringing us a huge load next week.  This week we are still expecting a private plant of 1000 lbs. including tags and each week after this as long as we can still plant (weather permitting).

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