Cabin Fever?

Collins Lake is the perfect medicine for cabin fever!! “Fishing” gets rid of the ick!! 

“Catching fish” cures depression and anxiety…………..

Collins Lake is having it’s own spring fishing contest as an added incentive.  Starting in March for the month of March, April and May the person who catches the biggest fish of the week will get into a drawing.  The biggest Trout, the biggest Bass, and the biggest Catfish (3 names per week).  At the end of each month a name will be drawn as the winner for that month.  The winner will receive a free day on our Patio Party boat (to be used before June).  We’ll work with the May winner on that, we may have to do a weekday in June or wait until the fall when the availability is better.  So don’t forget to log your fish in on the way out to see if it is the biggest fish so far, you could easily be a winner!!

 Upcoming Derby Days

April 13th, is the CIFF Derby-to enroll you contact them online at

April 27th, is the FISH SNIFFER Derby-to enroll contact us @ 1-800-286-0576 or

May 4th, KID’S BASS DERBY with CBAF, contact Paul Baker

Traci Long of Woodland caught her 1st fish ever here @ Collins Lake along with husband Randi they had a nice stringer of trout, the biggest was 2 lb. 4 oz.  Alex Lopez also caught his 1st trout ever using green powerbait off the beach!  Chris & Max caught 9 Rainbows, their big one was a 6 pounder, they were using orange Powerbait on the beach. 

Sydney Foster & her Dad of Gridley captured the biggest bow this week!! Her 10 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow (netted by Dad) was so exciting to bring in from shore, she too used orange Powerbait.  She even kissed it for her photo shoot, they bonded between the beach and the store!!

Debbie & her son Bo caught two beautiful trout, one was 5 lbs. & one was 4 lb. 4 oz. while trolling with a Needlefish.  Bert Baumbach of Newcastle trolled a Kastmaster and hooked a 6 lb. Rainbow.  As you can see the big fish catches have started off the New Year with a Bang, and the good news is it will continue to get better and better as time goes on.  The trout stocking program at Collins Lake is the biggest in Northern California and you don’t need any fancy equipment or a boat to catch a trophy trout, in fact all you need is a chair, an ice chest, and a Snoopy pole !!

Jill Curtis of Grass Valley got a big surprise when she hauled in a 6 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow while trolling.  Ken Lord had a bountiful day also, he caught a 6 lb. Rainbow trolling as well.  Ricard Gomez & his buddies fished again this week and again they each caught fish over 4 & 5 pounds on Powerbait.

Gary Koch was perhaps the “Happiest Fisherman” I talked to this week because he hooked a 4 lb. 4 oz. trout and a 5 lb. 4 oz. trout and for his buddy that flaked on him that day- his message is “Eat your heart out Cory”!!  Thomas Ferreira used a worm & marshmallow combo to lure in his 3 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow at the beach.

Luke & Tyler got a jump start on the Bass catch this week, the sunny days brought them up in the shallows and they each caught a Bass on pink roboworms.  Jeremy & Wyatt also caught a Bass along with a trout on green Powerbait.  The Ballardo brothers took home a stringer of trout off the beach on Powerbait. 

Thank you to Daniel Day for the incredible sunrise photos of his girls (McKenzie & Cassie).  He said their best fishing was first thing in the morning and they had a wonderful time and they will be back soon!! 



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