1st trophy plant of the Year arrived Thurs 2/14 in the afternoon

We  received our 1st trophy trout on Valentine’s Day at 3:30 in the afternoon.  This year we will be getting in “tagged trout” as well but the tagging program doesn’t start until March.  Some of the fish will have tags valued between a Free Ice Cream or a $100 bill!!  This spring is going to be fun and exciting as you will see “money fish” and more “trophy sized fish” than last year.  The bigger trout plants will come every other week through March, then increase to weekly as we start releasing the net pens of fish we are raising here already. Collins Lake is having it’s own spring fishing contest as an added incentive.  Starting in March for the month of March, April and May the person who catches the biggest fish of the week will get into a drawing.  The biggest Trout, the biggest Bass, and the biggest Catfish (3 names per week).  At the end of each month a name will be drawn as the winner for that month.  The winner will receive a free day on our Patio Party boat (to be used before June).  We’ll work with the May winner on that, we may have to do a weekday in June or wait until the fall when the availability is better.  So don’t forget to log your fish in on the way out to see if it is the biggest fish so far, you could easily be a winner!!

Rick Cox landed a 5 lb. 8 oz. trout off the beach on Powerbait last week.  Kevin & Rich Moore trolled with Rapalas and took a beautiful stringer of trout home, including a 6 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow. They were not deep, trolling close to the surface worked the best for them.  Gabriel Jaramillo brought his Dad fishing and was pretty pumped when he hooked his 5 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow on Powerbait, making his Dad proud!!

A nice group of neighbors from Plumas Lake came camping this week and had no problem catching trout while they hung out at their campsites. Sherri Howell, Diane, & Fiona all caught lots of trout on Powerbait.  Their friends Hal & Sue (Hot Lips) Swartzlander also caught many trout.  Sue wore her Valentine Lips in her photo in remembrance of their trip, just goes to show you the spouses that fish together, fall more in love together!!

Upcoming Derby Days

April 13th, is the CIFF Derby-to enroll you contact them online at www.ciffi.org

April 27th, is the FISH SNIFFER Derby-to enroll contact us @ 1-800-286-0576 or info@collinslake.com

May 4th, KID’S BASS DERBY with CBAF, contact Paul Baker @pbakerfam@aol.com


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