The New Year brings a full lake & huge fish

Collins Lake has been “blessed” once again!! The end of 2012 brought a full lake and the fishing has been fantastic as well.  The lake is starting to settle down as the influx of rain muddied the waters a bit.  Nothing has deterred the fishing however as multiple fish catches are a common occurence!

Ken Harris of Marysville brought his 5 yr. old granddaughter fishing and as usual she caught the biggest one he said, she hooked a 4 lb. Rainbow and reeled it in by herself.  Max Cheney and his friend Angel camped over the holiday and caught trout on a daily basis in Elmer’s Cove on garlic Powerbait.

The “Awesome Trio” could do nothing wrong! The trio started with Ricardo Gomez of Oroville and included Melanie & Gabriel of Sacramento.  Their first trip together netter 5 trout using Powerbait on the beach, the biggest weighing in at 5 lb. 4 oz. and their 2nd trip was even better with 8 trout, a 5 lb. 6 oz. Bass, and a Sunfish.  Their biggest trout the second go round was a 5 lb. 14 oz. Rainbow.

The biggest fish of the New Year was caught by

Eric Liske of Meadow Vista (11 lb. 12 oz. Rainbow) in Elmer’s Cove on Powerbait. 

Jacob Sapp of Camptonville spent his birthday here and one of his presents included 2 trout caught on an orange flyfish he got for his birthday!  Tom Ives of Browns Valley trolled rapalas near the bridge and caught a 5 lb. 8 oz. Rainbow.

Ron & Mary Williams of Napa caught 7 trout together just off their campsite using Powerbait but Mary ran away when the camera came out!! What? No makeup?

Susan Swartzlander of Plumas Lake thought her 2 lb. Rainbow was the “cream of the crop” until her husband Hal showed her up big time with his 8 pounder. He just knows how to burst her bubble!!   Hal also caught and released a Catfish.

Ian Halterman fished his little bottom off for 3 days and refused to go home empty handed, his determination landed him a nice 4 lb. 8 oz. Catfish on Sardines in Elmer’s Cove!!

Bruce Rasmussen of Vacaville was totally pleased with his catch (a 9 lb. 4 oz. Rainbow) while trolling a Rapala.  Little Thomas Montaudon caught a huge trout for his size, a 3 lb. 8 oz. on Powerbait by the marina.  Brianna Torres caught her Rainbow trout by the dam on orange Powerbait.

Ethan Sullivan & Christian Palamidessi from Sac caught 3 trout, one on a Kastmaster, one on a worm, and one on Powerbait from their boat.  Clayton & Riki also fished from a boat on the eastside and hooked 3 trout on Powerbait.

Andy & Heidi Schweitzer caught and released 7 Rainbows trolling a worm by the bridge.  He said there are tons of trout up near the bridge according to his fish finder.

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